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Happy Birthday Scorpio

Posted on Oct 21, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

For the next thirteen months weight will be much harder to eliminate. Move to a more conservative diet. Also for the same time period, things will have a tendency to be blown out of proportion whether by circumstances or you. You will also need to learn not to jump to conclusions. Whatever the issue coming to bear over these next thirteen months, you will need to ride shotgun and make sure their influence doesn’t override your common sense or involvement. You may gain a slight bit of help in this area beginning in December as transits change.

On a happier note, your financial dealings may get a shot in the arm with all this expansiveness. Just make sure you don’t go off half-cocked. This is not a blanket increase in everything, although, the potential is there for strong growth with sound and solid choices. You still need to remain cautious and use your head.

You can expect the holiday season to bring extra responsibilities with family, especially, siblings. Decide now how you want things to be structured. That includes life provisions for those who need assistance all the way down to how you want to plan and whom you wish to dine with during the upcoming holidays. Choose wisely. This will set a precedent for the next two and a half years.

May 2018 will be an extremely important time for which to make or be the recipient of changes in your relationship with your significant other. Be mindful and aware of potential battles concerning possessions and assets. Because of the changes begun in October, the potential for battles will be accelerated or, if you will, expanded. A calm and cool head will see you through these times. But your tendency will be to overreact. It will take presence of mind and strength of character for you to land in a good place in the wake of the upcoming changes.

You have always prided yourself as being diplomatically persuasive and directive. Come May 2018, the shoe will be more on the other foot during diplomatic negotiations whether in business and personal relationships. You will find yourself more on the receiving end that than in the orchestration of things. It’s also been easy for you since you’ve mostly worked from behind the scenes. That time is done. You will now have to step into the light and expose your motives if you want things to go your way. You must now walk your talk more than ever. Otherwise, you will be exposed at every turn. The piper will be waiting for your payment.                                               

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