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By John Maerz BA

     Your feelings will be very clear for you now and you will have to use them as your guide to where you put your energy. There seem to be very few tangible landmarks for you to use to determine the practicality of what you are or intend to do. But that’s OK. You’ve gotten accustomed to the irrational urges that began in 2010 and have developed a thick skin to their influence and have relegated them to what you feel coming from others and the outside world. After all, your primary measure of tangibility is your internal clock marking the memories of your prior physical experiences. However, a dichotomy of availability has appeared and you’ve been finding difficult in choosing between more than one resource presenting itself as a viable option for use. It feels like you have two good options to use and your logic tells you that both of them would produce good results. This is where your very clear feelings come into play. You will have to depend on them to make your choices…at least for this year.

     Your family has recently appeared more like a potential life raft to escape from the “stuckness” you’ve been finding yourself in. Tension has been building in your relationships over a long period of time but your tenacity and faith that you can mold your circumstances into what you want has been the dominant encouragement for which choices you made. Recently, the resistance you’ve perceived from the outside world has shown you that that’s just not going to happen. You have to start diverting your energy to a different path in order to release some of the pressure. Oh, the old goal may still hold some hope and validity for you logically while some of the pressure is being released but in your heart of hearts you know that the old objective is a done deal and you have to be on your way. You’ve given it all you can give and still respect yourself.

     It’s been occurring to you that you need some new input to feed a new journey. This might include moving, higher education or even a new job. These will serve as a stimulus for helping you to focus and generate energy to forge a wider path that what you have allowed yourself to participate in in the recent past. It’ll feel like you’re breaking the chains of commitment, which to you is a pretty serious decision. It has been your belief that you mate for life. But people and circumstances change and some of your current commitments no longer hold the same validity and promise as when you made them. Even for you Taurus, one of the most tenacious and relentless promise keepers in the zodiac next to Scorpio, there comes a time when you have to reconsider the terms of what or who you’ve dedicated yourself to. Even you have to move on occasionally.

     Regrettably, some of your base values have gone through a shift. Tenacity and consistency are not always the answer to overcome some of the issues you find just not fitting into what you believe should be true. Like Popeye you’re finally saying to yourself, “I took all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!” It’s time to move on. No regrets. You’ve done all you could do. Your conscience is clear. Now just refocus…


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