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Probably one of the more prevalent sets of energies operating within you now are your impulsive urges. Ordinarily this is not something that you’re often subject to since you’re usually pretty grounded in what you want and how you act. But of late you’ve been feeling the urge to answer impulses that seem to you to be irrational or impractical, especially, since you can’t reconcile where they’re coming from. I don’t think they’re there to actually impel you to do anything but to just recognize that you’re, number one, not immune to them as you’ve believed, and that you have a wider range of possibilities to choose from for whatever action you do take.

Since March the support you’ve been receiving as well as the support you’ve been giving to others has been intermittent at best. Consistency, if not tenacity, has always been a focal point for you, especially, where friends whom you feel should be supporting you should come from. But not everyone has the slow even energy of Taurus. There’s more to life than commitment, support and consistency. Diversity is one of the things you’re learning to acclimate to…not yours…theirs. This encourages you to keep your eyes open looking for opportunities rather that just digging in with what you already know.

Your values and how you believe the world should operate have been going through a very slow change over the last eight years. You’ve seen things that you’d rather not acquiesce to and as a result your child rearing standards have become a lot more stringent. Again, realize that you’re tendency toward noticing these things are the object of your lesson rather than the creation of a need in you for clamping down to prevent your children from being influenced. Please be aware that the more you clamp down, the more your children will become evasive in order not to be limited. This is also true of your friends and peer group. Also, realize that your children have been born into this time because of their ability to handle the things that you find threatening to your ability to keep them at bay. They don’t feel the same degree of threat as you do. In fact, they find it challenging and invigorating to build their own Self-Trust in spite of the influence they present.

Health wise, lower back issues may be plaguing you. The more you let go of the need to control your environment, the more they will abate. Although you don’t put much stock in acknowledging intangible personal energy, which you normally see as only an ability to exert a tangible influence over others, you must come to realize that even though this energy is currently immeasurable, it most certainly is a powerful component in the creation of psychosomatic illness…which you also don’t share much of a belief in. Part of the intangible and, seemingly, irrational urges you’ve been having are to spend some alone time and maybe even meditate. This will improve your health and well-being. You heart is guiding you. Listen to it and its urges. Resistance is not always the best path to take.               


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