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Happy Birthday Taurus

Posted on Apr 16, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Taurus the BullHappy Birthday Taurus 2017

The past two months you have felt an extraordinary push to do and be. Shortly, you will feel the urge to address your activities toward your capabilities and resources. This will have the effect of making you reassess what you’re capable of and how you can use it. This will also help you to restructure your values more comfortably. You’ve also been feeling very sensitive about what people in your career and personal life are saying about you. Though you don’t normally pay this any mind, you’ve been, nevertheless, much more aware of what’s been coming back to you. This will help you improve your perceptions relative to the physical world.

If you have children, your attitude toward how you relate to them will also be undergoing some opportunity for change. Being of service to them, especially in terms of how they relate to the world, will be much more on your mind than it has been. Their health, practicality and well-being will be especially highlighted. How do they serve others? Themselves? The world? Are they susceptible to sob stories? Do they offer them to others? Are they responsible and self-sustaining? How do they interact with the world? Their ability to survive will become much more apparent to you. You may feel you need to change your approach to their training.

If there are dominant health issues with you, you may find your lower back and kidneys much more sensitive now. Monitor your liquids more closely and make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated. You’ve had the tendency to push yourself more than your usual limits. Keep a tight rein on your maintenance and make sure you’re getting enough sleep and nutrition.

Relationships and their bearing on your resources may come more under scrutiny over the next two months. Be careful not to allow yourself to fall into a power struggle with your significant other. There may be some tension between you and them over how you use those resources and who they benefit the most. Your feedback from them and decisions that you make about them will permeate every other aspect of your life. Make sure you stay clear headed and objective so there will be no regrets down the road.

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