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Happy Birthday Virgo 2017

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

VirgoHappy Birthday Virgo 2017

Be conscious of your inner urges. You will have the tendency to react to things from an egotistical perspective. It will take some effort to remain aware of what you’re feeling at any given moment. If you can, the urges can be consciously transformed into energy toward any direction you choose. If not, you may find yourself being wafted about like the wind, snapping at people and having them feel that you’re assuming and overbearing.

Along the same vein you will find your feelings to be a lot closer to the surface and more volatile but much more easily recognizable through the intensity they’re being triggered with. Use this time to monitor your emotional patterns. It will be as if you’re wearing your feelings on your sleeve. Others will recognize this also. They will most likely also recognize what you’re feeling before you do. You will also find yourself to be a lot more talkative than usual. Be as specific as you can but not hyper critical which is the usual flavor of your interchanges. You may feel comfortable doing it to yourself but others will not appreciate it.

As we near the beginning of September, you may not be as clear about what you want or how you value it. This is a time to step back and listen to your feelings and how they empower what you feel is important. Beginning around the 25th your perceived need for security will begin to diminish and your urge for creativity will take center stage, although you most likely won’t understand where the urges are coming from. You may also feel limited by either your family traditions or circumstances. Rather than blaming them for your immobility, look to what they might offer that could increase your effectiveness with the people around you. Family support is a two way street and if you listen to what they need, they will be more amenable toward opening their minds to what you’re trying to do.

You must also pay special attention to your nervous system now. You may feel a bit high strung coping with your unexpected urges. It will make you wonder if you can trust yourself. Go with the flow and let your urges come to the surface. Nothing will be lost except perhaps time. You like to do things like clockwork. This is not the time to expect a schedule to stay on track, especially, when your urges are tending to short circuit the direction you’re heading in with a completely new one. Trust! It’s not all about facts, figures and doping it all out!


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