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Introduction to Numerology Webinar

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Introduction to Numerology Webinar

February 9th 8-9PM

Numerology is a super-simple tool to learn to use well, yet is also amazingly complex and can become a lifelong study that will teach you about yourself and your loved ones as well as our world. It can be used for understanding and insight, and is a predictive tool of great accuracy as well.

In this webinar I will be talking about why Numerology works, and I will give my insights into the meanings of each number in the Pythagorean system, including the double digit numbers. I’ll show you how to figure out your Life Path, and explain what that means to you. I’ll show you how to figure out your Current Year, and help you to understand what that means, and how to ‘read’ that against your Life Path for lots of insight into what’s going on in your life this year!

We’ll touch upon some simple everyday uses of Numerology to – for example you’ll learn to tell how someone uses their car from their license plate, and their phone, from its number!

I’ll also give you an overview of many of the deeper facets of Numerology, like the Soul Urge and the Quiet Self and the Personality…as well as life challenges and more. At the end of this seminar you will have both a working knowledge of Numerology and some easy applications, and overview of a metaphysical science that is thousands of years old.

Don’t miss this one!

It’s only $25, and it’s at 8pm on February 9th. This is knowledge that will help you all of your life, and be fun too!

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