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It’s never too late to learn

Posted on Sep 21, 2016 in Newsletter | 2 comments

It’s never too late to learn

If you weren’t happy with your life yesterday, try doing something different today. Don’t stay stuck because it’s comfortable! Move on!

I have met many people in the past few months that were so passionate about wanting to tap into their intuitive side … ramp up their abilities… see what they can do with their own psychic skills…. But they never take the time to explore their own potential. They never take that first step at getting what they ‘really’ want in this lifetime!

What stops us from moving forward? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Too old? Afraid our friends and family will look down at us or even worse, laugh at us because we want to see if we can learn to use those special skills?

And the answer is yes, to all of those questions.

Why am I talking about this today… why am ‘I’ so jazzed about sharing my story with you? Because this month is my birthday month! Yes, I am a Libra baby! I was born in ’58 and this year I am 58 and ‘finally’ my life makes sense! I consider this my Magical year where my numbers match!

So this is what I want to share with you in my article this month…. The “I was going to be”…… my journey from ‘then to now’, because a lot of you are still in that stage of your life.

Ok…. Here we go:

In Jr High I was going to be a Professional Skater when I got older. I dreamed about it all the time… was at the skating rink 3 times a week and could fly on skates! And then high school happened.

In High school my focus went to, “I’m going to be a Professional Tennis Player”! I was ‘drafted’ to a college team and along that ride, studied Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Child Development, so if the Tennis deal fell through I was going to be a Child Psychologist. The tennis thing in college lasted for a while, but I got tired of it and moved on to the next thing.

Also, during my college studies in Psychology….. I got tired of that and decided to move on again.

No, I was not a quitter… everything I started I finished, to the point it was no longer serving my needs to be happy in this lifetime. I was learning to let go and did not even know it. My guides were having an awesome time!

After college I still wanted to do something with my Psychology education, but I did not want to hang a shield, so I worked at a Mental Hospital for almost 15 years. More psychic people there than you can shake a stick at! (Texas saying).

I actually got hurt on the job and had to move on from there as I could no longer lift patients, but I did love working with those ‘minds’! I think my guides must have stepped in there also.. that was the only way I would have left that job and I needed to move forward again, even though I did not see it.

From that point I had gotten married and I was going to be the best Mother and Wife…. and once ‘that’ did not serve me well, I let that go too…. That lasted almost 15 years also but after a while, you just know your life needs to go a different direction in order to keep your sanity!

I also worked at a newspaper office where ‘one day’ I was going to be a reporter and photographer…. Nope, after 4 years that was not fulfilling either…. Yup, I moved on.

To sum up the rest… I worked at a Florist making candy and delivering flowers to the town funeral homes, worked in the warehouse of a chemical plant driving a forklift and loading semi-trucks, and then landed a job at an insurance company!

All great jobs, insurance, overtime…. But my life was missing so much and I could feel that ‘inside’!!

That’s when the whole psychic thing entered into my life and I turned to reading about telepathy, astral travel, psychics, mediumship, pendulums, crystals, tarot….. and it became this mental and emotional drug that I could not get enough of.

FINALLY I found something that captivated my attention… made me feel like I was growing in many different ways… challenged my sensibilities about who I was and what I was capable of and brought me from the gal who was always searching for that next thing in life to fulfill me, to a ‘knowing’ that I am the only person who can bring that feeling my direction and it comes from ‘inside’!

Once I gave myself permission to start working with what I was born with… what we are ‘all’ born with, my intuitive side… I have been on the ride of my life! I have found the path of least resistance within the journey of this lifetime.

I am more confident, more self-assured…. I am having more fun than I have had in years and there is no turning back!

How long have I been enjoying this new found freedom? For about 16 years now. I found Sandy Anastasi and her Psychic Development course when I was 42! That’s right…. I did not start down this particular path until after all those other jobs and experiences burned out. And I could not be happier.

So I guess I am sharing this with you today so maybe I can help someone else to find their own intuitive side. To start opening up to the opportunities and possibilities you can find within yourself if you will just look.

Start using your own abilities in a way that will help you to live the life you want… not to always follow someone else’s dream. Stop being what people want you to be and start becoming the self you were put on this planet to be!

This is not about you becoming a Professional Intuitive Consultant like I did…. That is what ‘I’ have been lead to….. but you can do and be anything you want in life if you take control of your own psychic self and learn how to use that at work, in your relationships, with your kids, your partner, your ‘dreams’!

It’s a must in today’s world to understand Psychic Protection. I know that you pick up on other people’s feelings, illnesses, bad energy. You need to learn to psychically protect yourself from the electrical impulses, TV madness, cell phone vibrations, negativity and so on. Teach your family, your friends and your co-workers.

Take charge of your life, my friends and learn about yourselves and what your mind and body are capable of. Do this now! Take back your control.

Sandy has some amazing YouTube videos on protection that you should take time to watch. You will be glad you did!

As always, feel free to connect with me at any time via e-mail.

In light and love,

Lisa Freeman


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