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by J Lawrence Maerz, BA

john maerzThe backdrop for this month and at least two more to come is Saturn’s back stepping into Scorpio. Since we also still have Neptune in Pisces, this dredges up all of the same old fears and misgivings we were able to bury when Saturn went into Sagittarius at the beginning of the year. Thought you had escaped? Nope. We just had a brief delay so we could catch our breath and recognize what happy might look like and where it might come from; being up front and dealing with issues head on even if it scares the #@%& out of us. Now we must face our emotional cellar. You know, the place we all throw stuff so we won’t have to deal with it and guests won’t see when they visit us?

With the Sun and Mars both having sojourned into Cancer we have a freewheeling emotional grand trine bringing it up as quickly as we find a place to shove it. Like Reebok says, “Just do it!” Why should you be any different than anyone else? We’re all going through it. It’s just that each of our individual issues might be a little different from each other. If we all know we’re working on this, no one can be any more ashamed than anyone else. Ignore the pointing finger. Everyone else is facing the same music.

So, what are we each dealing with in common? Fears. Fears of the unknown, fear of success, fear of exposure, fear of being incompetent but, most importantly for all of us, the fear of being unlovable. What would possibly be the only reason we would attempt to manipulate another person into anything? And this relates directly to Scorpio. Because we believe that if we asked for what we want, we wouldn’t get it because at our deepest emotional core we don’t believe we deserve it. All of us have Scorpio somewhere in our chart and that house or position follows the Scorpio story. In that house, because our caretakers were involved with other things and couldn’t give us full attention we were wanting or expecting, we interpreted their inattention as our being unworthy (remember, this is only in that house or planet held by Scorpio). Then that becomes the area of our life that we feel compelled to manipulate because we don’t feel we deserve what we might ask for and are certain that we would be denied if who we were to ask were given the opportunity to choose. Talk about self-doubt!

So, what to do about it? We must grit our teeth and clench our fist containing ourselves as we allow other people to have their opinions about us and make their own choices free of our coercion. And a curious thing will begin to happen. As we let go of control we will find that our undeserving perspective of ourselves holds no sway over how others choose to deal with us. Our expectations of them are bogus. We will find a lot more people doing for us than we believed possible. The rub? The realization that they are not our parents and caretakers with whom we felt this way in the first place! Then, we realize that we wasted all that time thinking others would treat us the same way our parents and caretakers did!

Saturn in Scorpio teaches us a very important lesson about other people and what we think they think about us. The underlying lesson: never assume how other people are going to react to us. They are usually a lot more merciful with us than we are with ourselves.                                

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