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July 2018 Astrolights

Posted on Jun 21, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

July 2018 Astrolights

This is an eclipse month as happens every six months. The Solar will be partial in Cancer on the 13th at 20 degrees and the Lunar will be total in Aquarius on the 27th at five degrees.  All things involving home, family, real estate, mom, motherhood, tradition and roots will have added import.

Be cautious with handling these issues. What issues come to the forefront and the decisions you make about them will have at least a six-month half-life and some longer depending on their depth and importance of influence.  

Many issues will surround how you handle your children. DO NOT assume that you know what is going on with them. You don’t. You can only see the outward signs. Their nurturance by you and other important people in their lives will be what they are weighing and considering. Be cautious with them and ask many questions that will encourage them to speak about how they feel and why.

This Cancer eclipse also ties into the children and illegal immigrants issue. Weigh carefully what you know not with visuals and testimonies you are prime with by the media. There will need to be established a delicate balance between humanitarian considerations and national sovereignty. We all know that those who totally dedicate and sacrifice themselves to the welfare of others often end up depleted and useless to anyone including their own support and health. This is a touchy issue and demands a hard look at the realism and practicality behind our national and spiritual values.

We must not allow ourselves to get caught up in a resource battle with those who we hold near and dear. We must also not get caught up in feeling that we must sacrifice our own welfare for those who have chosen other paths and have not ended up where they hoped or thought they would. Sharing, not giving away, must come at the head of the list of considerations and we must have patience and faith that we have the ability to work through the pressing family issues that confront us; personally, and nationally.

To add confusion this whole mess of conflicting values and issues, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo (children) on the 26th the day before the lunar eclipse in Aquarius (humanitarian issues) with Mars (action).

Sign no contracts, make no long-range plans and consent to no new agreements.

This is a time to revisit past agreements and plans already in place to see if they are handling what was originally intended. Be slow, cautious and patient. What we do now will be for the long haul if we mess up.                                    

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