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June 2016 Reading Special

Posted on May 19, 2016 in Newsletter | 1 comment

June 2016 Reading Special

Every one of us was born with special communication skills that help us to interface in the best possible way with the world around us. Some of us have special abilities that create deep sharing through communication with the people in our lives, with our pets, even with plants.

Do you know someone who has a ‘green thumb’? Some of us are able to communicate easily with wild animals, and others with birds and even fish. I remember a friend being jealous of his brother who always seemed to be able to find the spots where the fish were biting! Some people like bee keepers even have an uncanny ability to communicate with bees and other insects.

Have you had some unusual experiences where you felt you were experiencing some deep communication with someone or something that you couldn’t find words to explain? Where you reluctant to talk about it, because it was just so weird?

I have. Many times. There was the swarm of bees that attacked me when I was trimming a hedge, and when I formed the thought and feeling that I meant no harm and would only trim the front of the hedge the entire swarm retreated back to the hive. There was the wilted gardenia plant on the too-sunny back steps that sent me a parched in the desert feeling as I walked by it. I moved it to the shady front steps and it perked right up.  There was the driver that I felt coming into my lane for at least 3 blocks before he made his move without a blinker. I was ready for him. There was my cat that came and woke me in the middle of the night from a bad dream.

All of us have these experiences and these abilities. They are part of our humanity.   They are part of what joins us into a single whole, with everyone and everyone around us flowing together and working and living together smoothly and easily.

It is my focus in this very unusual and special reading for you, to help you to discover in yourself these abilities, determine which are strongest, find out how to access them and strengthen all of them.

This reading will help you to become more complete within yourself. It will build upon communication skills, abilities and strengths that many of you don’t even know you have. Find out how to become more than you are now, greater than you ever believed you could be. Find out about you. Get this reading with me, as it will only be available for a short time.

I began offering my reading specials in January of 2015 in order to give people who want to move forward with their lives an affordable way to get a reading with me and my Guides. This particular reading will be a life-altering aid to everyone. Sign up now!

It will only take about a half hour of your time, and is only $195. Don’t miss out. Schedule your time NOW.

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi

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  1. Jelena Strmota

    Hello there. I am just feeling out this psychic field that Sandy resides and works in, to see if it is something I need to do , and can afford to invest in for myself. I am treading very lightly, and have a lot of hesitations and have many questions, so we’ll see how it all unfolds I guess.

    I live in New South Wales, Australia. Can you tell me when you have a reading, or if you do the online course starting in July 2016 say, how do you work with the time difference, and does the currency difference effect the fees listed for what Sandy is offering from over in the United States?

    Many thanks Jelena

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