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June 2017 Astrolights

Posted on May 17, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Our month begins with the rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, switching direction. Jupiter in Libra moves from retrograde to direct on the 9th and Neptune in Pisces moves from direct to retrograde on the 16th. The sensitivities that developed during Neptune’s forward motion will slow a bit while the new issues that have, up until now, been brought to the surface will get expanded and applied to our relationships. A residue of Neptune’s forward movement remains presenting a potential misdirection of focus leaving us in a quandary about where the bases for our issues actually emanate from. The best picture of this is exemplified by the constantly changing focus in the media about the Comey firing.

Depending on our affiliation, different reasoning takes center stage for each of us. Before these changes take place, Mars will move into Cancer on the 4th directing these energies into undermining our expected traditions and perceived securities. This same energy exchange will be seen operating beneath our surface awareness just as potently in our personal relationships; subsiding sensitivities followed by exacerbated influence on our relationships while undermining our emotional security and contributing to our emotional reactions whether we’re conscious of them or not.

The saving grace of the above scenario is the Moon becoming full in Virgo on the 9th thereby giving us the power to properly discriminate the causes and effects of the changes. It will also have an effect on our health and work environment dues to the Virgo placement. This means that workplace environments will be the scene for many of the conversations discussing these changes. Be advised that tempers will run hot and that the water cooler will be a volatile place to take a break.

As the Sun and Mercury move into Cancer on the 21st, our discussions will have the potential of setting our minds at ease once we discuss what it is that we must do in order to re-establish our emotional security. Like everything else, evolution and growth are processes which take time and patience…especially with ourselves.

Lastly, the Moon will become new in Cancer on the 24th. This will bring the stability of new plans being put into place reinstating our feelings of security and well-being. I dare say that I think the Comey fiasco will also take on a more stable and understandable direction.

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