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June 2018 Reading Special

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June 2018 Reading Special


     I recently read for one of my long term clients who has done very well in life and is quite wealthy.  But in spite of her wealth, she struggles constantly with the fear of poverty and not having enough, the fear of not being able to take care of herself. She feels like she will never have enough and will never really feel secure.  Every big expense is proof to her that she can lose her wealth in an instant.  And so she struggles.

    She asked me why that was. 

    The sad fact is that many of you reading this have the same fear she does and struggle through financial ups and downs that never seem to end. You read about the Law of Attraction, and you say to yourself, well if I can manifest everything I think, I will think of being wealthy.  But your struggle continues, and you ask yourself what you might be doing wrong, or maybe you conclude that the Law of Attraction is what is wrong.

     Your psychologist might tell you that you have absorbed negative emotional patterns that block your success financially or in other areas, during your childhood.  You are offered years of treatment to uncover those patterns.  Mind retraining techniques to help you to overcome them may be offered if you are lucky.  Most people who go that route to alter their self-limiting concepts only find things to blame their issues on, not solutions.

     I will tell you what I told my client.  All of the self-limiting concepts you have originated from outside of you.  Your true being is an unlimited creator.  Some of the limitations you have came from your parents.  Some from your education, or your personal experiences early in life.  A few may even have come from past lives. 

     Once you identify the self-limiting beliefs you are moving through life with, and recognize them as not-self, it is relatively easy to step away from them and chart a new course for yourself.  Awareness is everything.  You owe it to yourself to step into the life you are meant to live.

     In this month’s reading special my Guides and I will be using the Astrology, Tarot and Channeling to help you to identify your three major self-limiting beliefs.  We will focus on your limiting beliefs regarding money, and success.  You can either just work with these two, or select a third yourself.  We will use your natal astrology chart to pinpoint whether you brought the errant beliefs in from a past life or if they were created by your early life experiences.  We will be able to tell you what gave rise to these limiting feelings, and what current situations and experiences trigger them. 

     Most importantly, we will help you to transform those formerly self-limiting feelings and behaviors into your greatest assets.  You will leave the reading with real tools to change your life for the better.

     My Guides and I have been helping people like you through channeling for over 38 years.  I began offering my reading specials in 2015 in order to give an easily affordable way to experience getting the special help my Guides and I give together when working with our clients.  I can assure you, the experience will amaze you and be wonderfully helpful, as my many clients will attest.

     Please allow a half hour of your time for this information filled session.  The cost is only $195.  You will receive your astrology chart and a cassette tape of your session (as cassettes are sometimes damaged in the mail I am afraid I can give no guarantee on your recording – but you are certainly welcome to also record the session on your own smart phone or other device).  I can do this reading via telephone or Skype.

     My Guides and I are looking forward to speaking with you!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi




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