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June Astrolights

Posted on May 16, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

June 2018 Astrolights

There are earth changes and eruptions occurring in Hawaii and Indonesia. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Uranus’ ingresses into Taurus on June 15th is the most tangible sign and Uranus is the ruler of unexpected experiences. With Jupiter opposing it from the “beneath the surface” sign of Scorpio, we shouldn’t be surprised that the pressure of what we’ve tried to keep below the surface is finding an escape route.

Our earth changes are only reflecting the mental and emotional issues we’ve attempted to “keep a lid on.” 

Mars’ retrograde in Aquarius on the 26th and beginning to apply a square to Uranus, one of the rulers of Aquarius, should prove to be very volatile in earth changes and dealing with unconscious issues. This creates a T-square between Mars, Uranus and Jupiter funneling the energy into Leo holding the north node. It will be extremely important for us to keep our ego in check. We must do our best not to take things personally.

Uranus’ beginning to trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn emphasizes the importance of following the rules as they now have become established. Its sojourn through Aries has brought tremendous changes and has given us a different meter with which to assess social and personal protocols that we must now follow.

It has also determined what we may now be stuck in in terms of those protocols. This is exemplified in the current media perspective of investigation and assault. This is not only prevalent politically but reflects a social attitudinal change in assessing our neighbor’s behavior and actions. This is a very dangerous perspective as it removes our attention from self-assessment and leads to assigning blame for problems rather than being accountable and handling them ourselves.

In Uranus’ sojourn through Taurus we must take a closer look at our own values, abilities, resources and deficits and make realistic choices in how we relate to others. Taking an accusative perspective, as the media provides such a poignant example of, will only result in conflicts, squabbles and a path toward divisiveness.

On a positive side, this same trine may also give us tremendous insight through our intuition (Uranus) on how to use those changes for a positive and growth-oriented application (Saturn) in a practical and down to earth way (Taurus). It will also speed up any changes relative to career pursuits.

Issues relative to authority and those whom you see in charge are also in the forefront. Whether you are a boss yourself or have someone that you answer to, these interactions may also be going through some changes in the form of a move or new employment. Take your time. Assess your situation from a practical point of view and you should have little trouble navigating these new waters. Good luck!                                

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