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Sandy’s June Astrological Predictions

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments


You can look forward to some enjoyable times with friends and family this month Aries. Your ability to connect socially and get your thoughts across clearly is accentuated now, so writing that book or article, giving a speech, talking to the boss about that raise or connecting with that special someone about your most important hopes and wishes can all flow smoothly for you. Perhaps even more importantly, your thoughts are clear enough that you can get in touch with your own real desires now too. Even at work things are flowing well this month. On a more somber note some of your fears concerning health issues are popping up again this month. My advice? Don’t allow yourself to be undermined by ungrounded fears. Take care of whatever you need to for yourself or your loved one and all will be well.


You may feel a lot of pressure this month Taurus as you are focusing powerfully on finances or a business, job or career situation that requires your efforts to move forward but is still being blocked or adversely effected by limiting finances. You have been treading water but the wait is almost over! Keep up your efforts because they will soon achieve results! You can expect help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, much of your emotional focus is on a creative endeavor, or a romance, or your children. Lots of social opportunities are around you all month long. Acting on them will relieve the business and financial tension and will help you develop new associations that you will build from old friends you are reconnecting with. See this month as an opportunity for personal growth!


Your fierce independence may cause relationship conflicts towards the beginning of the month but by mid-month these should be resolved. This is your month Gemini. Let it be about you. Self assertion, setting boundaries, and above all communicating your needs, wants and desires is important. Old friends and situations similar to or involving x-partners or lovers may be returning. Now is the time to measure your growth, reaffirm your past actions, and even renew some important old relationships you may have given up on. Time spent at home or with family will be time you spent well for yourself, as will any physical activity. Throughout much of the month you are feeling explosive so exercise will help vent that energy. If your work or business is in the creative, service or helping field it is poised to take off and the support of your partner or even a new business partnership will help make that happen.


This month will be somewhat difficult for you Cancer as old issues regarding codependency and possibly an addiction of some kind grab your emotional attention. The problem might be your own, or that of a sibling or close friend or other relative. If this is not your problem decide in advance how involved you want to be. The up side here is that whatever is going on is helping you to surmount old deep seated fears and grow beyond them. Cudo’s to you! On a more positive note, travel for pleasure or for family events is a strong possibility this month. Something you are embarking upon feels like a journey into the unknown. That could be exciting! You might even be thinking of moving or renovating your home.


Work seems to be interfering with fun this month Leo! Strive to bring some creativity and social entertainment into your work activities and you will do better. Be sure you don’t put work, career or your business on a back burner or you could be missing some juicy opportunities. Right now positioning is everything! Venus in your house of career means things are going your way right now…and you may even have a special admirer at work! You love money and fine things, and right now the stars are lining up to bring back some of that good stuff and special lucrative opportunities that slipped through your fingers earlier this year. Friends and groups you are associated with have a strong impact on everything you do this month. If you or your mate have children…pay attention! Some important things are happening that you need to be there for.


Wow! Your getting recognition. Your actions are being noted with approval. You are finally talking and the people who need to listen are listening! Your star is definitely ascending this month Virgo! Just be sure to not allow your home and family obligations to hold you back. You will need to establish balance and boundaries to be free, finally, to take advantage of the growth options being offered to you now. Past health issues for you or someone close are resurfacing. Benevolent objectivity is required. Friends are in your corner and will be very helpful all month long. Long distance, internet or phone communication is a great asset and may open doors to travel opportunities now or in the near future.


Travel, travel plans, or a strong connection to someone a long distance away absorbs a lot of your energy and attention this month Libra. Likewise, if you have a pet or even several pets there is a lot of energy around them and they will require more of your attention than usual. If you are married, there could be a visit from the in-laws too! What a busy month this is going to be! In daily life matters you may be confronting ungrounded fears and past addictive or codependent behaviors. See NOW as a time for healing these. You may spend part of the month expanding financial plans and opportunities too. Follow your intuition, which is especially strong right now and you will reap good rewards.


Communication and social activities are flowing beautifully around you all month Scorpio. A nice boon is that health issues for you or someone close to you that are age or nervous system related and are subject to radical ups and downs are doing better through most of the month. A foundation for improved abilities and finances you’ve been putting a lot of time into is expanding, finally, as well. You will also find yourself revisiting and perhaps changing some of the financial decisions and limitations you set for yourself earlier in the year. Activities with friends will be great fun and will be appreciated by you and them. Try to find more time for yourself. Enjoy your home and your personal space.


Your relationships are active and volatile all month Sagittarius. When you can, plan activities and dynamic events with your significant other and close friends. Put all your pent up energy into social events, home projects, or travel. You are feeling restricted personally and like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. This is in turn creating explosions of energy and activity for you and around you. Redirecting all that energy for both you and your mate will be a great way to convert challenging situations to mutually productive ones. Family health and financial issues have you totally stressed out but this month brings clarification, understanding and an overall healthier situation.


If you are considering travel, a move, or renovating or buying or selling a property Capricorn, this month is a great time to do it. All month long your creativity is flowing. This is great for teaching, writing, home projects, and all kinds of artistic endeavors. Do take your time with any physical endeavors though because this month you are more accident prone than usual. The key here is to look before you act! One of your children, if you have them, or a romantic partner or creative friend or co- worker has the ability to get your creative stream really flowing through your communication with them. You are also more concerned with details than usual which may help you to finish some lingering projects. Health issues, your own or perhaps an in-laws, are also on your mind a lot this month. Healing comes from an unexpected source that you discover yourself.


A child or childlike person absorbs most of your energy and attention this month. Be sure to set boundaries to avoid the obvious pitfalls. Emotionally your focus is on money. Making more, handling it better, paying down debts, putting an end to money leaks that are draining off your income almost before you even get it. You are setting goals, which is good, but need to set up the means to reach those realistic goals as well. Spending more time at home this month will give you a sense of inner balance that will help you make decisions better and resolve your current life challenges more easily. Some travel opportunities that you planned at the beginning of the year are coming up again as well.


Work is, well, work all month Pisces. Things you set in motion earlier this year need to be addressed before you can truly move forward. In many cases this will be closure. You often feel like you are fighting a war in trying to keep your home and family life in balance with your career responsibilities. This feeling is especially strong this month, the result being that you often find yourself needing time just for you. Take it without guilt. That is what will give you a return to the balance you need to face this month’s challenges. Old relationship issues are returning at work, at home, in your family. It seems to you that it is time to reevaluate what you want and need in a life partner, a parent, a sibling, a business partner, a colleague, an employee or employer, even your child or a friend. This process is important as it will help you define yourself and set healthy boundaries in all your relationships. The old adage “Healer, Heal Thyself” applies now more than ever.

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