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June Astrological Predictions

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June 2018 Astrological and Psychic Predictions

Aries –

Your relationships and what you expect to get from them or give to them are changing dynamically right now Aries.  There are so many opportunities, it is confusing!  You need to pay close attention to both your own and your significant other’s finances as both opportunities and challenges facing you right now financially will persist for 7 years!  Communication is of the utmost importance.  Meanwhile you are finding that a lot of responsibility, likely unexpected and unwanted, is falling on your shoulders.  What role do you want to play in your own future?  How you choose and how you handle things right now is setting the stage for attaining what you want.  It would be a good plan to get clear on your desires right now.  Here’s a bit of sage advice for you as you move forward this month – be sure the grass is greener on the other side of the fence before you jump it.


Taurus –

WOW, Taurus.  Towards the end of last month Uranus moved into your Sun-Sign.  Did I say WOW?  You are about to embark upon a journey that is going to change your relationships and your finances and your entire way of looking at life.  Right now ideas and desires are bubbling up in your subconscious.  But daily you are becoming more clear on what you do, and what you don’t, want in your life.  Keep a diary, and do that through August 16th.  You are getting a good look at all kinds of opportunities that are coming your way.  Your downfall is that you do not like change. To get the things you most want now and in your future though, you are going to have to embrace some changes.  You generally only step forward when you are pushed.  Well, get ready to be the one leading the way towards the new shifts coming in your life!  For a while life is going to be a series of two year long plateaus that will lead you like stepping stones to the future you are creating.

Gemini –

This is your month Gemini! You are becoming aware that your values and desires are changing, along with the friends and groups you find yourself interested in joining. You attract who you are, and who you are is changing. Your outer world and your inner world seem to be seesawing back and forth.  First you respond emotionally to the pressures in your physical life, then your emotional responses and reactions create more changes in your everyday world. You feel like you have no control over all those things that occur as a result of ‘other people’s’ actions, but some reflection will help you see how their treatment of you is the direct result of your own action.  The result of all this is that you are becoming more introspective, more self-aware.  Spending alone time is important this month.  Spend time working on your finances.  There are many opportunities for self-development around you all month.  Will you choose your own way, or get lost in the endless chain of reaction? Try something different and new!

Cancer –

Relationships of all kinds will dominate your world this month Cancer.  This can be either a lot of fun or a major distraction!  Try not to get drawn into control games and especially don’t let yourself get stuck in the middle of someone else’s battle.  An older person or an authority figure at work will strive to make you responsible for their problem.  Remember, it is up to you whether or not you want to play that game.  On another note, if you and your partner are considering traveling together or opening a business together, now is a great time to plan that.  Conversely, those of you facing relationships problems will find that now is the time to get down to the serious business of working them out or breaking off the relationship.  Changes are coming regarding the way you move through the world.  This will include your work, your finances, your relationships, how you involve with your children if you have them, and even where you choose to live.  See the big picture in your life right now, as you make the small choices.

Leo –

Keep a diary right now Leo through August 6th.  The diary will give you a lot of insight into where your life is going regarding business, finances, home and family.  Some wonderful opportunities lie in your future.  Many will come up unexpectedly.  Try to keep yourself as flexible as possible in how you live your life right now.  Will you allow yourself to move your home or your work?  You can see those possibilities more clearly now.  What’s going on with your health?  With your family’s health?  Don’t let anything slide.  More responsibility is coming your way both at work and at home this month.  Be conscious of what you are committing to.  Something that appears like it’s short term could easily turn into a far longer job than you anticipate.  On a happier note, something you’ve been waiting for a long while is about to come your way.  It may very well be the action that starts the ball rolling towards big changes in your life.

Virgo –

You may very well be thinking of travelling or moving your residence or your right now Virgo.  You are looking at your finances and your work and career options.  What is the most lucrative? What is the most secure? What gives you the most flexibility?  What allows you the most freedom, growth and creativity?  Are you teaching, going to school, or doing a lot of commuting?  Is it time to put pen to paper and write that book? Keep your eyes open to possibility because there are a lot of amazing options around you right now.   This whole year has been one of great personal growth, and you haven’t even reached the pinnacle yet! Fortune is shining on you all month long.  A new romance may be entering your life, or a new baby or a great creative opportunity. Your world is lining up with your personal desires right now.  Someone or something from the past will be a great help moving forward.

Libra –

You are focused on your home and your family this month Libra.  A sibling or close friend could need your help, or you may have some added responsibility concerning them.  This is a good month to take or to plan a trip!   You might even be considering a long distance move, or helping a family member to move.  Your one on one relationships seem to be constantly shifting, and there are ever-present opportunities and disruptions that make them challenging.  It’s important to get a handle now on your finances, and do some future financial planning as well.  Get clear on how you want to grow and develop in your future, and be sure that your planning includes that.  If you want to go back to school, or teach, or coach, or write a book, now is the time to lay some groundwork for that too!  Remember that the foundation you are creating right now needs to be focused on what YOU want!

Scorpio –

This month your primary focus is on finances – yours and your significant others’ or you business, if you have one.  You are setting long term goals, and making plans for the expansive future you desire. You will find the need to pay close attention to timing.  Expect changes in your daily life that have already started, to continue.  This may include construction of, in, or around your home, or even creating a second home.  Your health or that of someone close that you are strongly connected to continues to be up and down but will soon stabilize.  Pay close attention because you are getting hints as to what will be required in the future.  Changes in your daily life and routine may be brought about by the actions of your mate, by a pet, or by an older person who is experiencing health issues.  Endings and beginnings of all kinds surround you.

Sagittarius –

You are seriously looking towards a change in profession or developing a new talent or skill that will add to your personal financial income.  This is a great month, Sagittarius, for digging deep into the well of your desires to determine what you really want for your future!  You have a wealth of talents, abilities, and skills to draw upon that you have neglected for far too long!  It’s time to give yourself a chance to explore.  You also find yourself focusing on your partner or on relationships in general, asking what it is you want and need in a relationship in order to be happy.  Keep a diary through August 16th because you are getting some future insights right now into your love life, changes in your children’s lives, if you have any, and even changes regarding where you will live and work in the future.  You’ll be glad to have that diary a year from now.  Big changes lie ahead.

Capricorn –

This is going to be an emotional yet highly intuitive month for you Capricorn, and it’s filled with home, family and motherhood or nurturing issues!  The structures you have created in your life are very important right now, as they will supply good grounding and help you achieve clear thinking at a time you really need it.  Plans you’ve been laying for some time are coming to fruition, but you have to work your way through the necessary power struggles to reach your desired goals.  This month it’s a good idea to spend time on yourself too.  Whether it’s weight-lifting or time at the beauty salon it will be time well spent.  Your family life (for some of you that means family of choice) is getting ready to make a big change.  It will take about two years, but this summer you are going to get a good look at where it’s going.  Keep a diary!

Aquarius –

Facing down your worries and fears is high on your list this month Aquarius.  You have strong support from a woman around you as you move forward with an important endeavor.  But you’ve got to overcome your internal resistance.  If you have children you will be turning some of your attention to them, especially the oldest. Spending some time with them, or with grandchildren, will be time well spent.  Your home and career are beginning to move through a major shift. Will you relocate or stay where you are? Will you change your profession or continue where you are at? You can either take control or react to the changing circumstances around you.  It’s your choice.  Meanwhile, if you are single there is potential for the development of a new romantic relationship in your life.

Pisces –

Your goals, perceptions, desires, and overall life focus are in upheaval Pisces.  Life is changing.  Old jobs, friends, colleagues, familial expectations, are pulling you backwards, but future opportunities are opening before you.  What will you do?  Your sense of responsibility is at war with your desire for growth and the freedom to embrace life on your terms.  Do you step into an unknown future without the support of those voices that resist change and threaten insecurity, or do you move ahead with the dream you’ve been building for a long time?  As always, the choice is yours. Moving forward right now feels like coming home though, doesn’t it?  At this moment you are getting a clear look at where you can be, depending on how you move forward.  Keep a diary from May 17th through August 6th.  You are looking at your future, it’s challenges as well as it’s gifts.

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