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Lisa’s Corner – Let’s Talk 2014

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 in News, Newsletter | 0 comments

Lisa’s Corner – Let’s talk 2014!

Sun, 2013-11-24 15:39 — Lisa Freeman

But first, I want to wish everyone reading this, whether you celebrate Christmas or some other very special day, a fantastic holiday season and a most wonderful beginning to the New Year!

This is one of my favorite times of the year because I love turkey, eggnog and singing Christmas songs… ok, I could do that anytime of the year, but it would simply not feel right.. so I leave these special little bits of happiness for November and December… something to look forward to that ends my year on a positive note and begins my next year on a high!

And so speaking of ‘next year’… 2014 is just around the corner and there is a lot of planning to be doing! Yes, I am talking about that most powerful promise to self that we make all year (some of us anyway).. the New Year’s Resolution!

I see this as a very important part of our ‘new beginnings’, because that is what it is! It’s the one time of year that we sit down and think about what is important to us, what we want to change in our lives and how we can go about doing that. It’s the one time of year that we give ourselves permission to think about all those wonderful things we can do that are going to make our bodies, homes, careers, family time and so on, Oh so much better!

It’s something that we do ‘just for us’! How amazing does it feel to sit down and just think about  changing a little something in our lives that we ‘know’ will make us feel better… that will get us more ‘in tune’ with ourselves. It’s a feeling of ‘higher vibration’ because when we think about making a positive change in our lives we get excited!! Even more, sometimes exhilarated! WOW! I’m feeling my energy or vibration shift to a higher level just ‘thinking’ about making changes in 2014! And it’s not hard to do! One little change at a time… in one little moment of the day can lead to huge positive outcomes! Of course everyone thinks of ‘losing weight’.. it has to be at the very top of the New Year’s Resolution list.. but no, not what I am gearing towards here. Let’s go deeper… more personal.. more ‘intuitive’!

If you are reading this article in Sandy Anastasi’s newsletter, it’s because somewhere down the line you have had a reading of some sort, or you are into Astrology, or you have tapped in to your Intuitive side and you wish to learn more… Fantastic!!

So because you are here, I consider you part of my ‘psychic family’, I am going to share part of my New Year’s Resolution list with you.. Because I clearly heard someone say “I wonder what Lisa Freeman puts on HER NYR every year”?? Ho Ho Ho

Ok.. here I go.. letting you in on the Lisa List!! And I write these as if they are already happening, so I am not placing things ‘mentally’ into the future.

1.)    I am taking more time for me, alone, to ‘just sit and connect with myself on a spiritual level’.
2.)    I am trusting my intuition more and questioning myself less.
3.)    I am re-reading my Psychic Development 1 book again because it’s the foundation to my constant progress as an Intuitive.
4.)    I am reading Sandy’s Astrology book because I ‘really’ want to know more about my Libra self!
5.)    I am helping  twice as many people this year as I did last year because I love turning on the lights in people’s minds!
6.)    I am snuggling with my Baby Laney puppy for at least 1 full hour every single day because it does our hearts good!
7.)    I am choosing to eat better (you knew it was coming) and make better choices physically so I walk a healthier path which does make my intuitive side stronger.
8.)    I am giving myself permission to pursue different avenues on my journey, to learn as much as I can about this intuitive and energy based world we live in.
9.)    I am replacing negative thoughts with positive ones because it just makes good sense!
10.)  I am hugging more people even if it’s just a cyber hug!

So there is my new beginning… nothing hard about any of these.. all very doable… just small changes that ‘are’ creating HUGE positive results!

That’s all I have for this month, but would love to hear about YOUR resolutions, if you would like to share!

See you on the Astral!

In light,

Lisa Freeman

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