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Posted on May 19, 2015 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Acoustic Guitar And TreeI believe in listening…

People who know me will laugh at that statement because I can certainly hold my own in a conversation, but I also ‘love’ to listen. It is only when we take the time to truly listen, that we learn.

Everything on this planet has a voice! And when we learn to ‘take the time’ to listen to what is around us, it’s so very magical. If someone asked you what the wind sounds like to you, how would you answer? Have you ever taken the time to really listen? I have. To me, it has sounded like gentle whispers floating on the air. It has sounded like names being spoken as gentle as the breath of an Angel… it has sounded like angry whooshes of vibration that wrap around my head. Try closing your eyes and being in the moment. You will be amazed!

What about the leaves of a tree? Yes, I listen to those also and I hear little rustles that sound like tiny children playing with each other. You can almost hear the giggles because the leaves are unrestricted in their movement. It’s a very free feeling.

And then there is the ocean. Oh my! To close your eyes and experience what the ocean has to say is remarkable! The splashing of the waves along the shoreline can sound like a giant dog lapping at a water dish, or on a light breezy day, it can put you to sleep with it’s amazing rhythmic lullaby.

One of my very favorite things to listen to is birds singing. I am fortunate where I live to be able to hear the expression of many different types of birds from Owls to Doves to Robins and Cardinals…. Their sound is like a well orchestrated melody as they call to each other and merge their amazing chirps and tweets into something so beautiful.

And rainfall… I certainly can’t leave that out of what I love to listen to! Hearing the soft splatter of raindrops on the cement.. I can visualize the cement embracing each droplet of water and taking it in like a thirsty cactus. I can also hear the soft droplets as they hit the big leaves of our tropical plants and in my mind I see little glittering dancing transparent fairies playing on the plant as they bounce around and slide off.

Yes, I do have a vivid imagination, which becomes enhanced when I take time to really listen to nature.

My message to you is this… ‘Listen’ to the world you live in. Get away from the TV, the radio, the cell phone, Ipad, tablets, computer and so on, and take the time to get in touch with the planet you live on and what she has to offer you. She is ‘always’ talking to us through flowers, water, wind, animals, insects and so on. Yes, you ‘can’ take 5 min. a day to do this and I promise, it can change your outlook on your day. When you are connected you are in the zone! Your breathing becomes slower, your stress level decreases, your mind becomes clearer because your brain is stimulated.

It’s a win – win…. It’s free…. and I am asking you all, during the month of June, to try this at least a few times. I think it might become a habit you enjoy!

Learn to listen – listen to learn,

Until next month,

Lisa Freeman

Psychic Intuitive Consultant




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