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March 2015 Astrolights

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By John Maerz BA

     March will be a very powerful month this year. We have a solar eclipse in a critical degree of Pisces during the equinox and Uranus in Aries makes its final square to Pluto in Capricorn on the 17th three days before the equinox.

Because the Uranus / Pluto aspect is an opening square you should know that the changes that Uranus and Pluto have been bringing in are paving the way for the next sixty three years. It might be a little difficult to wrap your head around the fact that your decisions now might have such long lasting effects.

Nevertheless, it is a time for long range plans in the face of our changing environment. The issues being focused on concern the balance between our independence, personal and public, and the cultural and political demands concerning how we respond to the larger whole of our society and its demand for conformity for its ease of running. The undercurrents are connected to the rulers of both signs holding Uranus and Pluto, Aries and Capricorn whose rulers are Mars and Saturn, respectively.

Mars rules evolution and action and Saturn rules structure and restriction. Our society has been enduring an increasing chaffing at the bit over our ever diminishing field civil liberties in the name of being protected by our government from the media amplified threat presented by ISIS. This is simply an extension of the 911 process of rallying our support for combating an exaggerated threat of fanatic assault. The only thing that has changed is the “face” of the enemy.

We must ignore the distracting focus outside of our borders and put our attention back into the work of refurbishing our infrastructure and reasserting the importance of our lives within our own borders. In order to do this we must remove our attention from the media which draws us away from attending our own home and hearth in favor of world concerns. We must refocus our attention back on “by the people, for the people and of the people” … our people.

The problem is that we’ve allowed ourselves to be convinced by “FOX news” and the like that it is our country’s responsibility to police and administer the world’s affairs. This entrainment and its reinforcing is the objective and the product of our profit driven media … telling us who we should be, how we should live, what is to be considered “normal” and what we should want.

Uranus in Aries ruled by Mars is making us aware of our individual concerns, feelings, preferences and what we should be paying attention to. Being selfish with our country’s resources is necessary for our own survival.

Charity and our responsibility begin at home … not in the Middle East. Doctor … heal thyself … THEN attend others. We all need to heal ourselves first. We’ve been losing the war with our own government.                 

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