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March 2017 Astrolights

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March 2017 Astrolights

Having survived our February eclipses we find ourselves with a T-square between Venus, Moon, Uranus and Mars in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra with the energy focused out through Cancer. Being that most of us know that we live in a Cancer ruled country, we can easily see why we have such political and social conflicts. With Saturn occupying Sagittarius and just having had a solar eclipse in Leo, we can also see why there has been such intensity. Saturn is also receiving a wide square from Mercury, Sun and Neptune in Pisces adding to the push.

To begin with, the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces facilitated by Mercury has been surfacing all of our fears about getting lost or left out in the social and political changes. With Saturn trining Uranus from Sagittarius to Aries we can also see how and why all the protesting has been gaining momentum since both planets rule Aquarius – groups. On a smaller scale, there is also a lot of “demonstrating” going on in personal relationships. Most of it is powered by perceived threats against our individual independence in relationships and in our social encounters. Notice, I said perceived threats. This is the Neptune/Sun influence peaking through with even a bit of paranoia thrown in because of the Pisces influence. As the full moon occurs in Virgo on the 12th we will have an opportunity to see the practical aspects of all this intensity and have the opportunity to position ourselves in a place that feels in line with our destiny and well being. The trick is in thinking things through slowly and making solid and practical decision based on how we want to be treated and where we want to eventually end up.

With such a pile up in Aries in the first house and in a fire sign things will be popping for a while reflective of people’s sensitivity if they feel they are in any way blocked or inhibited by the apparent changes occurring. On the plus side, Aries is the sign of the pioneer and the explorer so with those who are beyond being faint hearted we should see dynamic action occurring publicly and in relationships.

The most apparent place we should see action is in our homes, traditions and family structure. This is becoming quite apparent as we’re watching the changes occurring in our political system, whether blocked by anal retentives or not.

One more thing which I feel is important to mention is that the opposition between Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Libra is an aspect coined by Alan Oken as “a traffic ticket every time.” This means that if there are laws on the books against what you’d like to do and even if everyone else is doing it and not getting caught, if you do it, odds are you will get caught. So, follow the law to the letter and you will stay out of potential trouble and out of the notice of those law enforcers who are looking for offenders.                           



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