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March Astrological Predictions by Sandy

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March –

Last month you accomplished a lot but you felt very scattered personally. Life continues to be something of a roller coaster ride for you this month Aries, as you move your energy from your finances and self development to communicating your needs in order to make your goals more attainable! The key is to start to share your intentions with the people who are important in completing them.   Family health issues and establishing and sustaining a good financial base remain paramount. It’s important to find time to share with friends as well as time alone, for that font of creativity that is erupting within you requires those things to keep the flow going. This month may just be your most productive time ever, if you stay on track!


March –
This is a great month for you Taurus, as your focus will be to communicate your business goals, financial needs, self-development ideas and activities, and anything else you require to establish a great foundation for yourself for the rest of the year. If you have older children, expect a visit or family gathering that is exciting and fun. If you are single this is a great time to meet someone who actually measures up to your high standards. It is a healing time for you, relative to money, finances, and issues that concern a female friend or relative.


March –
Expect a quieter month that gives you much needed time to restructure and regroup. It’s a great month to have a meeting of the minds with your spouse, mate, partner, business partner or best friend. It’s also a good month to review commitments and contracts. If you are single you may have a fleeting opportunity to tie that knot. If that’s important to you don’t let the grass grow under your feet or you will miss the opportunity. It is a particularly good time for you to communicate your wants and needs concerning your finances and security and your concerns about your health or that of someone close to you. Be sure to find time for friends and group activities as they will bring you rewards as well as pleasure. In all things concerning communication this is your month to shine.


March –

If you are teaching, speaking, writing, or working in any aspect of the communications field, this will be a great month for you. Interactions with friends and family are positive and growth oriented. You may be thinking about a move or some other major change in your home or work. This is the perfect time to move forward with that. In fact, you’ve been striving towards a goal that you are emotionally committed to for some time; this month a major break is coming your way that will help you to move forward dramatically towards reaching your goal. Expect help or advice from a knowledgeable woman. The only thing blocking you from your goals right now originate in your own subconscious. Spend some time thinking about that!


March –
Expect a lot of time well spent with a male relative or close friend this month. In fact, some good career or other future focused advice may emerge from those interactions. Concerns about daily obligations, pets, or the health of a family member will likely occupy part of your attention this month as well. Expect some surprises. Be sure not to allow those obligations to consume you as time spent keeping your own company is a great help to you this month. You will find yourself re-thinking your own expectations of family members and of yourself, your co-workers, even your spouse and children. It’s important to not let these personal growth opportunities slip by.


March –
Get ready for an amazing month Virgo. Expect recognition from someone or something, personally or at work, that will make your heart swell with happiness! It’s quite possible you are about to get a financial boost as well! Remember to put something aside for a rainy day as your finances are going to continue to be experiencing highs and lows for a while. If you are single there are plenty of exciting romantic opportunities coming your way this month too. If you’re married, it’s a good time to revisit the past in a healing way that allows you to move forward with your mutual goals and desires.


March –

Think hard work this month Libra. If you really apply yourself, this is the month you can make it happen! You have a rare opportunity to return to the past and build upon it. You have some important choices on your plate – who to visit, who not to. Where to travel, or if you should travel. Where to focus your energy at work, where not to. You get the idea. You hate making those decisions, and this month is full of them! It will help you to remember that in everything you do this month, in everyone you speak with, in every contract you sign, in every choice you make, you are establishing a foundation for your future. Keep going back to your original desire and focus. Stay on track. You’ll make the right choices. This is an opportunity for course correction in your life. Don’t miss it!


March –
This is a powerful month for you Scorpio. Expect an opportunity to meet and communicate with the people who hold the power relative to your objective or your primary concerns. You may be thinking of and discussing a major move or travel. Changes at home and in your daily regimen or perhaps health issues regarding family members or pets will grab your attention during the early part of the month. There are subconscious fears relating to relationship matters that you must face in order to move forward with your goals and desires. If you are married or have a significant other that you live with, shifts in their family and life situation may affect you as well. This month will feel a little bit like a mine field to you Scorpio, but in walking it you come into your own power.


March –
This is a month of change for you Sagittarius. Most of these changes will focus around your primary relationship and your daily life. This might be upsetting to someone else, but your innate flexibility and quick reaction patterns will allow you to surmount any issues easily and move through this time with your usual ability to deal with any unexpected challenges in a positive way. Challenges this month may arise from problems presented by close friends or siblings, or a mother figure on the home front, or from co-workers and work responsibilities on the career front. Health and healing of all these things, and getting along with others smoothly, will be your primary focus all month.


March –
This month brings an opportunity to heal past issues with friends, children or siblings, or perhaps a past situation involving communication. There has been a misunderstanding, miscommunication, or a situation where you or someone close to you felt victimized. Now is the time where this trauma can be healed through communication. You may also hear of a friend in need and you may have the solution if you choose to offer it. Travel opportunities, moves, renovations of your primary residence or place of work, are all around you. It is likely that by the end of the month you will have stepped forward into a creative new space, physically or emotionally, that benefits you more than where you have been.


March –
Expect pressure from your primary relationship partner this month. Changes with your in-laws are adding to that pressure. Communication is extremely important although there is an on-off quality to it. You are spreading yourself too thin and the result is that you feel as if you are only putting out fires rather than accomplishing anything of substance. All of this pressure and stress may result in accidents, injuries, or other health problems for you. Slow down. Give yourself time to fully process what is going on in your life and around you. Create personal time for yourself that allows you to regroup and you will turn this accident-prone month into one which generates some wonderful opportunities and experiences instead.


March –
Get ready for action! Your special skills, especially in the communications area, are needed. At work you are advising, instructing, implementing processes, dividing your attention between two or even three different areas, and at home you are mitigating, arbitrating, and advising. If you are married or in a relationship your spouse or partner is making some critical decisions and is depending on your input. If you are single, a close friend is relying on you for support and advice. A person or situation from your past is returning and you have some powerful reservations yet you are attracted to the potential for healing this area of your life and in so doing heal a part of yourself. There is strong family support around you this month enhancing all interactions and communications. Take advantage of that!

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