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March 2018 Astrolights

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March 2018 Astrolights

We begin our month with a loaded twelfth house squaring Mars in Sagittarius in the ninth. The Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus square him from Pisces. This will give tremendous reactive power but coming from an unconscious source. With the full Moon in Virgo occurring on the 2nd, this should produce some rather intense and, perhaps, unexpected occurrences. Jupiter’s rulership of both signs will tend to augment the energy. This is a time to be cautious and thoughtful about the actions we take. Tempers may also run hot. We should be especially careful with driving since the tendency to take chances will be prevalent.

With the loaded twelfth house opposing the sixth house of health and the full Moon occurring there, health issues will be of prime concern. The open end of this T-square vents through Gemini making verbal communications overly intense and brings the health focus to our limbs, lungs and nervous system. The Gemini influence also brings short distance travel and automobiles into the mix. Extra caution is advisable.

On the 9th Jupiter in Scorpio turns retrograde. This means that Jupiter is at station for most of the T-square adding intensity to all the circumstances described above.

On the 17th the Moon becomes new in Pisces, again, receiving an added boost from its ruler, Jupiter. This is a time to not let our feelings overcome our common sense and rationality. Our imagination will be accelerated. This will radically increase our creativity but also our paranoia. Make sure you have a creative endeavor to funnel the extra energy into. This way you will be assured of staying grounded during the emotional tidal wave.

Mars also moves into Capricorn on the 17th. This will begin a deflation in the momentum produced by the Pisces/Sagittarius square. However, as Mars approaches Saturn, also in Capricorn, a feeling of compression will begin to take place. This makes it all the more important to have a place to funnel the pressure into such as a creative endeavor or sporting activity. Since Capricorn is an earth sign, the vehicle for venting must be of a physical nature.

On the 20th the Sun moves to the vernal equinox. New endeavors must be planned and prepared for in the preceding three weeks. Using the energy produced by the previous aspects will provide ample fuel for powering the new projects we put into the oven. Have a great month!

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