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By John Maerz BA

     Relationships and commitments are the big issues for this month. Their relation to your independence and your ability to see yourself as an independent and choice making person has been hindered by a feeling of being codependent or having someone overly dependent on you. Who have you depended on who you now have to let go of in order to assure your ability to take care of yourself? Who has depended on you that you now must inform that the must work harder on making their own decisions and living their own life without you as an audience or support group? These factors have been made evident by the last two eclipses in Pisces and Libra whose effect will stretch into September. This is also reflective of the nodes moving toward the lesser degrees of Aries and Taurus and proceeding into Virgo/Pisces. This will not occur until November of this year but we’re beginning to feel its effects now. It’s time to start lining up your support system in a way that leaves you less at the mercy of other people’s needs or whims.

     This need for coming to terms about our own competence is making us take a long hard look at what and who we see and use as assets to support our vision of ourselves. This is evident with the Sun’s movement through Taurus along with Mars. Mars will move into Gemini on the 12th encouraging us to talk about the different options we might have. The Moon will become new in Taurus on the 18th highlighting the decisions we’ve arrived at.

     On the 19th our old friend Mercury will turn retrograde in Gemini. Do your best to remain clear about what your choices are and the path you’ve chosen. Mercury will offer all kinds of contradictions encouraging you to change your path again. Pay it no mind except as a window to see what various alternate realities might have been possible but, more importantly, how others will view the decisions you’ve come to and are implementing. Those who are dependent on you will surely object to how you’ve chosen to deal with them. Remember, this is your life and your energy and you’re responsible for your own decisions and welfare…not theirs. Let them just deal with it. If you weren’t their vehicle for waking up, someone else would be. Don’t allow yourself to remain in the role of enabler. It’s easier to not hear the complaining but much harder when you have to do what you need to do but can’t because you’re dragging someone behind you.

     If you need training or some form of education to ground yourself in your chosen path, now is the time to seek it. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December of 2017 so you’ll have plenty of time to gain the credentials or qualifications you need for your new path. The Sun’s sojourn through Taurus is a good time to consider your future finances relative to your career goals. Trining into Pluto in Capricorn should give you a long range and bird’s eye view on how to proceed. Happy planning!              

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  1. Melita Clark

    That was very helpful and reassures me that the decisions I am making are the right ones, particularly about others taking care of their own needs. Thanks a lot. I needed that reassurance.

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