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May 2018 Reading Special

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May 2018 Reading Special


Spring is a difficult time for many people.   For them it’s hard looking back at those long winter months, wondering where the time went, how they’ve applied so much effort for so long and often with less than desired results.  The sense of hopelessness and apathy can be overwhelming. 

When they should be gathering energy for the joyous leap into spring and summer, they feel instead like there is so little energy left to draw on that they cannot get excited at the prospect of summertime social gatherings or even vacations – those seem like just more things that have to be done. 

So this month’s reading special is about bringing energy, and joy, back into your life.  Because you, like most everyone else, probably can use a great big dose of that right about now.

There is one sure way to bring a sense of joy back into your life and into everything you do.  That is to find purpose in the things that you do, and the best way to find purpose is to find a way to bring service to another into your life.  In fact, modern science has identified a sense of purpose, social community, and service to others as being three major factors contributing to both psychological well-being and longevity.

In this month’s reading special my Guides and I will be using the Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology to help you to identify three specific ways you can bring a sense of joy and well-being into your life by helping you to find your purpose, your community, and the most special service you can offer others.

I began offering my reading specials back in 2015 in order to give an easily affordable way to experience getting the special help my Guides and I give together when working with our clients.  I can assure you, the experience will amaze you and be wonderfully helpful, especially right now.

Please allow a half hour of your time for this information filled session.  The cost is only $195.  You will receive your astrology chart and a cassette tape of your session (as cassettes are sometimes damaged in the mail I am afraid I can give no guarantee on your recording – but you are certainly welcome to also record the session on your own smart phone or other device).  I can do this reading via telephone or Skype

My Guides and I are looking forward to speaking with you!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi



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