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May Astrolights

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May 2017 Astrolights

On the 3rd Mercury turns direct in Aries. We all know that communication will return to normal. Planning can now be initiated without threat of pre-existing obstructions. Because Mercury rest in Aries, we know that new planning is in the wind. Just make sure that you are thorough and think before you act.

On the 9th the moon’s nodes move from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. They will remain there until November of 2018. The emphasis will shift from service, health, compassion and the unconscious to humanitarianism, social responsibility, children, creativity and goal setting. This will also shift the emphasis from the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune to Sun, Saturn and Uranus. With Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius and Uranus’ presence in Aries the changing nodes are diminishing the momentum of the structuring of our higher learning, cultural attitudes and initiative opportunities toward a close preparing the way for our organizing, setting professional and social goals and making the best use of the abilities and assets that we have now acquired. The down side is that the lower vibration of Leo and Aquarius also brings in the augmented potential for excessive ego and a pseudo-scientific blindness about our human condition. Our task is to keep the compassion and awareness of service that we have acquired over the nodes’ transit through Virgo and Pisces.

On the 17th Jupiter and Neptune complete a sesquiquadrate (150*) from Libra to Pisces. The underlying tension that has been present in our efforts to heal ourselves through our relationship will finally subside. The undercurrent that’s been making us feel “out of phase” with our significant other will fade and we’ll settle into the new patterns that we have established. Hopefully by this time we will have made all the adjustment necessary to make our relationships run more smoothly and without subliminal emotional disturbances.

On the 20th the Sun moves into Gemini. All the subconsciously and unconsciously buried issues we had over the last few years will gradually seep through to the surface. Listen to your own words as you speak them rather than simply focusing on the points you’re trying to make. You may be surprised by some of the insights you’re able to gain from your own verbal meanderings.

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