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May Astrological Predictions

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May Astrological Predictions



This month your energy is going into balancing your finances Aries, and you will find yourself taking a deep look at where you want your future to go.  Are there any talents or skills you yearn to develop?  Are you trying to open your own business?  Are you thinking about new employment that could be more lucrative?  This is a good time to be thinking about all of these things as getting support and backing from others, even financial institutions, is somewhat easier for you right now.  If you’ve been waiting on a financial settlement or award of some kind, things are looking good too this month.  On a sadder note, if there is anyone in your family group that has been fighting an illness, now could be the time they choose to pass and free themselves from the yoke of their illness.  Lastly, try to avoid confrontations as maintaining a peaceful balance all month is crucial to your making the best use of the good opportunities around you.

The transiting Sun highlights you and your dreams this month Taurus!  This is your month.  If you are single and looking,  it’s a good month for meeting someone special.  If you already have a partner, it’s a good time for traveling together, dreaming together, and expanding your social and cultural connections together.  For those singles who are happily single it is still a great month for expanding  those enjoyable one on one relationships with friends and family.  This is also an amazingly creative month for you, and you will enjoy paying attention to the details in joint projects.  If you have children your oldest may be moving to a new level in their relationship or with their own children.  Lastly, your significant other is very concerned with finances this month and luck is with you!  You are able to help them, and they you, with ideas, insights, and actions that can stimulate the next step towards financial security and freedom.

If you are ready to invest in something for yourself, especially something that will improve your lifestyle, your health, or your appearance, this month is a good time to do that Gemini!  Matters involving your health and well being are especially important for you right now.  You also are feeling strong urges to help and protect others who are close to you.  If you are in a relationship it’s important to spend quality time together.  If you have a pet, or want one, this is a good month for expanding your horizons in that area too!  Be sure to take some quiet time for yourself this month too Gemini, so many changes and opportunities around you require your being in touch with your deepest self, that part of you that needs personal space to access.  If you record and pay attention to your dreams this month you are going to get some excellent glimpses into your own psyche.  Travel or at least making plans for travel this month is also a strong possibility.

Children, both your birth children and the children of your heart, are high on your list this month Cancer.  Expect emotional occasions and events concerning them, visits with them, and an opportunity to grow your relationships with them.  Your world seems to be changing swiftly right now as members of your family as well as close friends begin to discuss their own future plans.  The more you learn, the more secrets that are disclosed, the more you are concerned, yet the more freedom to follow your own pursuits and dreams you have.  On another note – old health issues for you or for a close family member may be coming up again.  Don’t let them slide or they may become chronic.  Now is your opportunity to resolve those issues.  

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home or other piece of property right now, Leo, your timing is perfect.  Things should come together nicely for you this month.  You also will have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful family gatherings and reunions this month.  A shift in your business interests is in process as you begin to focus on a new goal and find that you do indeed have the finances and support to pursue your dream, if you just do some re-organizing.  At work there are some big political shifts that are going to be helpful to you once they settle out.  Keep your own ideas and plans to yourself until you are ready to actively pursue them.  

It’s important to stay on top of communications of all kinds all month long Virgo.  Finances and financial agreements will especially require your attention.  Close friends and siblings may be visiting or be an important part of your business or financial dealings right now.  If you are thinking of traveling this month be sure to have your plans well arranged ahead of time to avoid last minute problems.  Be prepared to take control of an important situation involving your children or someone or something that you are responsible for.   As the month progresses your financial picture will become clear.  You will have the advice and support that you need.

Old friends, past romantic partners, old dreams, past events, all will be revisited this month either in your daily life or in your remembrances of them.  If you have children it will become more and more apparent that one of them is following your own path.  Finances, your own or someone else’s who is close to you, are of primary importance right now.  You are getting both insight and support.  Actions you are planning and taking right now will set you free.  Things set in motion at the beginning of the year are about to take off.

This is an emotional, psychic, intuitive month for you Scorpio, as you travel in your heart, your mind, or even physically, to your past, to places deep within yourself, and ultimately to embrace your future.  You are doing a balancing act financially and emotionally.  An opportunity for healing your heart, and your inner child, is at hand.  All month you will be wearing your heart on your sleeve.  It’s important to be open and honest, with yourself most of all.  The transiting Sun is illuminating all of your one-on-one relationships, past, present and future.  This is an important time for creating the balance in your life that you crave.

Health issues are paramount this month Sagittarius as those things you’ve pondered, worried about and feared begin to take shape.  Romantic relationships are changing swiftly. If you have children the oldest is in the process of making some major shifts in their life this month as well.  Much of this will surprise you. The best advice for you this month is to expect the unexpected.  All things are possible and anything can happen.  Be flexible.  Make the most of opportunities that come your way.  Your pioneering spirit will prevail against all odds.  Success is near.

If you are single romance is in the wind for you this month Capricorn.  If you are a certified single, romantic places may steal your heart or you may fall in love all over again with a hobby or other pleasurable pursuit.  Oh, are you married?  Well, what a perfect time for a romantic getaway!  If you’ve children one of them is going to be the center of attention, and in a good way, this month.  Perhaps it’s graduation time?  Meanwhile there are friends all around you.  Visits and all kinds of social activities are going to make this month special.  Enjoy!

Home, family, mother, are your primary focus this month Aquarius!  Balance those things carefully with all of the worldly and career issues that are continually pulling at you, demanding you pay attention to them too, and you’ll do fine!  You are certainly doing a balancing act all month, traveling between homes, maybe between Mom’s, even balancing being a mom, and connecting with those children.  Enjoy the crazy this month.  Times like this don’t come often enough.  Meanwhile, do keep an eye on your future options, because they are all around you and what you desire is within your grasp.

A financial opportunity is knocking Pisces, but it may involve travel or a move.  How important is this next step?  It may be time to face some choices you’ve been putting off.  Your focus for much of this month is on communications, legal, professional and personal.  Take the time to get all your ducks in a row.  You will be glad that you did.  Meanwhile, you may very well be considering a change of residence, travel, or even buying or selling a piece of property.  Where do you see your future going?  Make sure your plans are carrying you in the right direction.  It is very easy right now to be drawer off track and it will not be so easy to get back to where you want to be if you allow that to happen.  It is time to protect yourself and those you hold most dear.


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