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May Astrological Predictions

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Astrology and Psychic Predictions for May 2017

Aries –

Your primary concerns center on your home, family and money this month Aries. The good news is that you intuition is turned up to highest sensitivity, so as long as you take the time to ‘plug-in’ and listen to that all-knowing inner voice you have, you’ll be handling everything that comes up in the best possible way. Some relationship issues and concerns that you had back at the beginning of the year are returning, and you or your partner may be considering a new educational pursuit, and some travel that may be connected to fun, education and career advancement. The most important thing to remember this month and next Aries is that old opportunities as well as challenges may be returning to your life soon and this will be your last chance for a very long time to act on them.

Taurus –

You are shining this month Taurus. Your communication skills are at a peak so wherever you use them in the world you will be heard and understood. Yes, I mean both professionally and personally. Travel and learning opportunities that were mere possibilities at the beginning of the year are yours for the taking now if you still want them and are ready to move forward with them. Be clear on what you want. The choices you are making right now have long term impact. If you are in a relationship you will be surprised at the support your partner gives you in your endeavors and dreams. On a more somber note – An older person you’ve been worried about may be suffering from some health challenges that are recurring. There are, however, some good times ahead as you catch up with old friends. Work hard to avoid distraction from your objectives though this month – that will be your greatest challenge!

Gemini –

Irritability is likely to be one of your major difficulties this month. Seek physical activity and independent projects to put your excess energy into, or you may find yourself being impatient and snappish with everyone. It’s important to remember to only take on those responsibilities and projects that you have full control over, or this month will be filled with your own angry explosions. Your emotional focus is on home finances (or financing a home or home project), and also possibly on a family member that needs financial help. If it is someone needing your financial help, you might first ask yourself, ‘can I afford this’, then ask yourself, ‘is money really going to solve this problem, or is there something else I can offer that would actually be of more value?’ This series of questions can save you a large future headache if money is not the solution. Meanwhile, expect your dreams to be vivid and perhaps predictive all month long, and if you are in the mood, introspection can be very rewarding right now!

Cancer –

Expect an emotional month ahead Cancer, even by your standards! It seems as if everything everyone around you says and does is needling you! You are feeling out of control, though you may not realize that is the problem. Try to slow yourself down and deliberately schedule some personal time away from friends and family each day. That will help with those mood swings and help keep the peace. Your focus seems to be vacillating between the expanded social and physical activities at home and keeping up with changes at work. Try hard not to buy into the gossip. It will only prove irritating and undermining if you listen, and it’s not necessarily true. The best times you have all month are going to be those you spend with your friends and with your children (if you have any).

Leo –

Certain elements of your career or perhaps having to do with your life goals are taking off this month Leo, and you are getting noticed by the right people. Oddly, this may be stimulating some subconscious fears on your part. Will your sudden rise to success or recognition have an adverse affect on an important personal or business relationship? Will you lose the affection and camaraderie of someone you care deeply about? Leo now is the time to remember you were born to rise to your own success, born to roar and to be heard and recognized for yourself. If those you love and care for really feel the same about you, you will have their support. Accept your rewards and your recognition gracefully in all areas of life. There may also be a father figure in your life that you have deep concerns about. This month any challenges he is facing should go well.

Virgo –

You are feeling blocked or confused or even stagnating regarding your life goals and career this month Virgo. You feel you know where to put the blame…squarely on the shoulders of an irritating male figure that seems to be constantly in your way! You would be wise to check again though Virgo. The stars say that the only thing blocking you is you, your actions, and the way in which you are applying you energy to the current situation. You have the skill, you have the ability, and you have the opportunity. The only thing stopping you from moving forward is you! Isn’t that just what a good friend or your partner has been telling you? Right now the North Node of the Moon is moving across your Sun Sign Virgo. This transit has just begun and will last more than a year. It’s time to shoot for the stars. Change your relationship, your home, your job, yes, your whole life direction to what you yearn for. It’s time.

Libra –

If you are travelling or making plans to travel or to begin a new educational or cultural endeavor you will have a lot of fun and get a lot done this month Libra. Taking a new and fresh approach to all of life’s challenges and opportunities will work in your favor this month! But if you are still in the same old groove plodding along and waiting for life’s next big hurrah to come your way you are going to be irritable and will easily rise to anger all month long. You will be feeling blocked and closed in and you won’t like it! If you are married or in a relationship it’s likely that sudden changes and shifts surrounding your partner and their life activities is going to create a lot of intense emotion for you this month. This can be very draining for you and will have the effect of drawing you off track into old non-productive patterns. Try to be aware enough of your emotional responses and adult enough to deal with your relationships in a healthy way, and avoid this emotional hole that will suck your energy and set you back in your goals. There is a lot of healing energy around you all month long and you keep wanting to give it to others which is nice of you – but remember the old adage – ‘Healer, Heal Thyself.’

Scorpio –

A great deal of your focus this month is on your mate or partner…or perhaps even a close business associate. Frankly, you are experiencing one revelation after another about this and other close relationships, and most are good ones that make you happy. Your emotional focus is on travel or perhaps a person or situation that is a distance from you. Financially you are feeling like you are in limbo – you have lots of energy and focus but no where to put it! Either things haven’t lined up for you to act yet, or the actions of another individual have to be completed before you can move forward. Either way, you feel blocked which is causing you to experience that slow internal Scorpio burn! It’s a good idea to put that blocked energy into something that’s under your control – like physical exercise or working around the house. That will be a kind of personal therapy for you. In your career and aspirations you are just beginning to see doors opening that will continue to swing for you all through this next year. In fact, soon there will be so many opportunities you will have to slow yourself down to sort through them. Waiting is just so hard!

Sagittarius –

Either there is a lot of attraction and great energy exchange in your primary relationship this month Sag, or else a lot of conflict. This is coming from a transit that has been building. Mars is blocking a T-square that has been focusing into your house of relationship for most of this year, and the affect is that things that up until recently were minor irritations are now becoming major sources of stress and aggravation. The pressure won’t let up until early June. If you and your mate are in conflict with one another one solution would be to spend more time apart. Another would be to take on a home project or work out together at the gym. In other words, re-route that excess energy into something positive. If the stress and conflict is caused by something outside of yourself, or a health or work issue, do your best to get help in resolving it. Step back so you can evaluate the situation unemotionally! Resolve your financial pressures. That is the most pressing emotional issue around you right now, and relieving that stress will allow you to resolve your relationship issues more easily. One good thing – all of this is helping you to see everything in your day to day life with great clarity, so you will make healthier and better decisions!

Capricorn –

This month your emotional focus is on relationships of all kinds, and on health issues – these could be your own or those of someone close to you, or both. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled down emotionally by these things or you will miss some great opportunities. There are opportunities around you now for career growth and development that were around you at the beginning of the year. Opportunities for teaching, learning, travelling, writing, intercultural exchange, and more are returning, and in fact decisions you make this month and next will have long term affects on your career, so be as alert as you can to the options being offered you, and to your deep inner reactions – so you can make the best choices for yourself. If you have children there will be a lot of focus on them this month, in a positive way. If not, your focus is likely going to something you are working hard on creating. It is a sort of child of your heart!

Aquarius –

You really want to be a home-body this month Aquarius, involving yourself in home projects and plans and dreams…but health issues that may be your own or those of your significant other keep getting in the way. In fact, emotionally all month long you are moving from one health related issue to another. If you have a pet, some of your focus is going to that important part of your family as well. If you have children, expect some trouble with them in general, and specifically with the oldest. You are feeling blocked in most major areas of your life. Since you can achieve little by focusing outward, now is a great time for introspection – even though that is not your most favorite activity. On a positive note, the transiting North Node has just entered your House of Self which will launch a year or more of getting your relationship with yourself in order. What do YOU want? Who do YOU want to be with? What do you see as YOUR major life goals? Once you are certain of these things, you will be in a better position to achieve balance within all of your relationships with others.

Pisces –

This is a healing time for you Pisces. You are a natural healer, but you tend to forget that the first person you need to heal is yourself. You are finally getting it! A woman you are close to is helping you through the journey back to wholeness. You are realizing that in life there is a time to run away and there is a time for stoically holding the fort – and that you and you alone determine when it’s time to do which. Perhaps most importantly of all Pisces, as Venus touches Chiron, the wounded healer, in your first house, you are finally able to forgive yourself. This month sets a pattern for the next year in which you will be digging deep into yourself, your roots, your family, your past lives, your buried dreams, desires, and goals. You will be resurrecting parts of yourself you didn’t realize you’d buried. As you do all this, your communication skills in all areas are going to take off like they never have before. You are about to realize that the way to unblock is through communication. Writing, teaching, exchanging ideas on all levels. All month you will find your home a bit of a crazy place. You might think about some kind of home project that you can involve yourself in and use as a form of escape or meditation. If you can’t think of a way to do that, it may be best to spend time with your children and your friends outside of your home.

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