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New Webinar with Sandy Meet Your Higher Self

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 in Events | 0 comments

Meet Your Higher Self – Live Webinar with Sandy

W-Y5-HSAugust 21st, 2014
8pm Eastern Time

Who are you?

Have you ever discovered a new facet of yourself that arose only when you were under pressure? Have you struggled to work through a problem, and suddenly ‘intuited’ the simple solution in a burst of understanding?
Have you received information and insights into life situations in your dreams?
Do you ever have the feeling that you are much greater and more powerfully connected to the cosmos than you’ve been taught to believe you are?

Who is this ‘greater’ you?’
How do you make the connection to this higher part of you stronger?
What benefits are yours when you strengthen that amazing connection?

Most of us are newly awakening to the understanding that there is a higher part of ourselves that is also us. In the language of the New Age this higher part of us is called your Higher Self .

In this webinar Sandy will explain who and what your Higher Self is and take you on a guided meditation to meet this wonderful, greater part of your Self. You will be taken through a deep relaxation to your innermost being where you will come “face to face” with your Higher Self while strengthening your connection to this immortal part of yourself.

– ” I find that each “interaction” I have with you, Sandy Anastasi/Lisa Freeman, I am opened up to so much more than ever before and I sometimes call you two my ‘keys’ because you so easily unlock figurative doors for me and things just click. I call it magic! I feel very drawn to you both, in a great way, and you are on a level that is so much different than I witness elsewhere”. – CG, Penn

Registration – $20.


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