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As a special thank you from me to you for signing up for my free monthly newsletter now, I am going to gift you with one of my very best MP3 audio downloads. 
This audio is for all kinds of self healing and uses sounds of the ocean surf with a deep guided meditation by me to gently cleanse and refresh your entire body. 
My clients and students have successfully used this before sleep to encourage better rest, during stressful times in their lives to keep themselves clear thinking and physically clear, grounded and healthy, and even before, during, and after surgical procedures to enhance the speed and effectiveness of treatment. 
The client I developed the first version of this for suffered from Lupis and environmental illness. She played it on a continuous loop before, during and after her surgery and amazingly walked out of the hospital less than a week after her procedure to her doctor’s astonishment. 
I know how important it is to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health as you move through life’s challenges. My newsletter, with its astrological updates, great articles, and event updates arriving in your email in box monthly is a gift itself! 
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