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By John Maerz BA

     On the tail of our solar eclipse in Scorpio we have encountered some pretty intense issues concerning those we find in authority, our personal safety and well being. We find ourselves asking the question, “Based on their past track record, can I really trust what they say?” What’s sad is that this mistrust of those in authority has “trickled down” to our personal and intimate relationships as well. Since the majority of us have been trained to accept what is externally valued rather than what we find in our hearts, it is all the harder to have balance sense of where to put our faith. And in faith, I’m not referring or including our religious doctrines. At best, they have proven to be mostly inert and ineffectual when it comes to worldly issues and concerns.

     We are in a crisis of faith. Not of religion but in trust of ourselves and our perceived capability in being able to handle whatever the world now throws at us; economically, environmentally, traditionally, “epidemically” and, most importantly, looming potential limitations concerning the availability of food and water for our ballooning population. Where can we go to “be safe?” Nowhere. What can we do? Plenty!

     We must each regain a sense of personal balance. How do we do this you ask? First, turn off your exposure to media. Turn off FOX news. Cancel the newspaper. Become selfish. You are NOT your brother’s keeper. Don’t concern yourself with the poverty and devastation occurring throughout the world. You can’t do anything about it anyway.

   Second, focus on becoming healthy. Focus on setting aside quiet time. Focus on doing things that give you a sense of creativity, joy, contentment in spite of the fact that your neighbor needs you, animal welfare needs you, starving children need you, other countries need to have democracy, heretics need to be “saved,” our schools are failing, etc., etc., etc. Be selfish. Contributing your “fair share” is a ruse, a myth, a fairy tale, an induced perspective contrived to render you subservient.

     We have become so over inundated and trained into feeling responsible for everyone else that we now have been trained into feeling guilty about taking time and space for ourselves. WE are now called selfish if we don’t put everyone else in front of our own needs. Is it any wonder that we feel angry, helpless, unloved, hopeless, depressed, abandoned, cheated and ignored? Yet we should count our blessings because there are less fortunate people in the world? Be grateful you’re not in a worse situation. There but for the “grace of God go I…” Nonsense.

   It’s time to become human. Each one of us is powerful within our own light. There is safety and anonymity in numbers, not power. Be your own person. Make your own decisions. Be only self accountable. Run your own life. Decide your own values. There is no right or wrong. Life simply is. Live it the way your heart perceives it. To thine own self…be true.

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  1. Joyce Sargeant

    WOW ! you are right on. amazing insight . Thank you

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