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November 2017 Astrolights

Posted on Oct 21, 2017 in News, Newsletter | 1 comment

We begin the month with Saturn speeding toward Capricorn. As it does, it will complete a trine with Uranus in Aries on the 11th. With the north node at 20 degrees of Leo and completing a grand trine in fire, Jupiter’s sojourn into Scorpio has changed the location in which all the energy will go. Jupiter was in Libra directing the energy into Venus. As Jupiter changes signs, the emphasis now moves to Mars. Any Venusian negotiation efforts will fall flat. Mars action emanating from behind the scenes will take precedence in a big way. Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius and Mars’ rulership of not only Scorpio but of Aries holding Uranus gives us a volatile combination. This is a sudden and explosive potential. With the north node in Leo, downplaying the ego will be of the utmost importance in every avenue of endeavors; personally, and nationally. We must tread very carefully. One misstep could create an unexpected and unneeded conflict. We must move slowly, thoughtfully and without taking things personally.

Partnerships will begin to be tested for stability and loyalty and Mars moves through Libra. Any agreements we might have made with others may go into reconsideration, perhaps, even unknown to us. As Mars approaches an opposition with Uranus in Aries culminating on December 1st, we must be ready for unexpected actions from others as a function of the building pressures. We must be able to recognize, field and handle swift changes while on the go. As you can see, we are entering a more reflective and reactive time than we have been over the past few months. We must “choose the hill we’re willing to die on” if we are to remain strong in our convictions. That choice must be based on solid values (Saturn in Sagittarius). Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn (structure) on December 21st will solidify any decisions we choose to make over the next few weeks.

In relationships, let your significant other have full sway in the actions they choose to take. This will give you a clear picture on where you need to stand to be either supportive or deflative (especially if their action is volatile and ill chosen). You can only know where to stand after they have chosen action.

On the 22nd the Sun will move into Sagittarius and Neptune will turn direct in Pisces. Things nationally are about to get whole lot more nebulous and undefined. This leaves us to choose how and where we want to be by feel rather than by common sense or logic. Expect the media to smokescreen what our administration will be doing. Read between the lines and look beneath the surface if you want to have any idea what is going on. This may also apply to your personal life. Pay no attention to gossip. It will be like the media. It will be poison projected for effect. Time to think and feel for yourself. Never mind what the “right thing to do” is all about. Do what you feel is right. Have faith that no one else knows what to do either. Following them would be the blind leading the blind…into the mouse trap. Make sure cheese is what you really want.                                        

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  1. Trish

    I love John’s column Astrolights! I look forward to reading it every month. Thank you!

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