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We begin the month with a full Moon in Aries. Thinking about our self-sufficiency and self-responsibility is the main focus for the month. As we organize our shifting values we find that our attitude toward our career has taken a turn…minor as it might seem. We know this because Saturn has spent almost two years in our ninth house of Sagittarius. It’s been preparing to move into Capricorn into our career house. This will not fully occur until mid-December but we are certainly feeling the effects of it now. Its action will be augmented by the fact that Jupiter will move into Scorpio on the 10th of this month changing its rulership from Venus to Mars. This moves its emphasis from the seventh house of partnerships to the eighth house of other people’s money and assets. We are learning a lesson about how much dependency we allow ourselves on other people’s support…giving and getting. On a larger scale this will change the benefits we receive from major entities like the insurance industry, social services and the government. The era of feeling and acting entitled is coming to an end. We will have to become much more self-sufficient than we have been. The indignation we’ve allowed ourselves to feel when we don’t receive special treatment because of our race, religion or special qualifications is also coming to an end.

With Uranus in the late degrees of Aries and creating pressure before it enters our second house of Taurus, we’re finding sudden flashes of awareness pertaining to our abilities and what we are able to do independently of others. With them, this will also bring a renewed sense of creativity. To encourage the creative action of this energy within us we must listen more diligently to the barely perceptible urges that are happening between the gross stimulations of our day to day life. These small pushes are the keys to where we must look and act in order to materialize our deepest desires and to find the most appropriate path for what it is that we have come to this life to do. Everyone strives to find their “purpose” and continually look to the outside world for the guidance to find it. But the outside world is only a reflection of what it is that we must answer and then move past in order to know the path we need to follow. Most people think that the outer signposts are the keys to what we must do to “find ourselves.” To find ourselves, we must not “go within” but simply “not go out.” Turn off the outer noise. Stop expecting and letting the world tell us who we must be. We already know this. We just need to be quiet, trust ourselves and listen to what we feel rather than chasing what we’re told. It’s easier than you think. The challenge comes when others neither understand nor agree with what it is we’ve chosen to do. When this happens, we capitulate to what others want of us for fear of not “belonging.” Be courageous. Forge your own path. The sense of peace that follows will surprise you…

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  1. Donna Carbaugh

    Thank you again for Astrolights! Your explanations are so easy to understand.

  2. Donna Carbaugh

    Thank you again for Astrolights! I look forward to your predictions every month because they are so accurate.

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