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October 2018 Astrological Predictions

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Your focus this month is on health, work, and relationships. You seem to have a lot of things that need to be talked out.  What a perfect tool communication is for self-healing and for laying the groundwork for a rosy future for yourself and your loved ones!  This is also a wonderful time for education – both as a teacher and a student and both inside the classroom and out.   It’s a good time for social gatherings with friends, siblings, your kids, and even your Mom.  This month is so important for you Aries because what you are learning and what you are talking about will powerfully affect your home life for years to come, and in a positive way.  Are you considering working from home? A change in career? A move? It’s time to talk about it.
This month your emotional focus is on your finances.  You are looking at  your skills, your abilities, your natural talents that you would like to put your time and energy into, and maybe even earn your income from.  This isn’t a pipe dream Taurus.  Your dream, whatever it may be, is fully possible and easily within your grasp.  Your creativity is peaking, you’re attracting attention from the right people, and Lady Luck is with you.  The right partner could definitely help with your endeavors.  Make sure your chosen partner is bringing something of equal value to the table.  If you have children, much of this information will also apply to them, most especially the oldest.
This is an emotional month for you Gemini, and you must be careful not to scatter your physical, financial, and emotional resources by following every butterfly that passes your nose.  Relationship, professional, and personal tensions can easily have a negative affect on your health, home and family if you aren’t paying close attention to them.  Finding some time to retreat from the world and organize your thinking and your life is a good idea…in fact, it is the key to your sense of wholeness and happiness this month.  Something or someone is exerting a stabilizing affect at home which is a good thing.  If you are in a relationship there are major changes affecting your partner that you should be aware of.   It’s important to give sudden changes and shifts at home your attention and work as a team to create the emotional balance you need right now.
Introspection is a favorite pastime for you this month Cancer, whether you have the help of a psychic, a psychologist, a counselor or a friend, you have the urge to talk about those deep things, to flush negative memories, to build upon your positive ideas, to manifest what you really want for your relationship, your family, and your career. All this inward looking is important because health issues and other problems are popping up at home, in your family, at work, and for yourself right now.  You need to have a good handle on the underlying causes to eliminate them from your life. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of making any change, be sure to research carefully.  Find out what you need before you jump. Keep track of your personal finance even if you are in a good partnership or marriage.  You’ll be glad you did. There is likely going to be an accounting.
Sharing interests and /or assets or building a business with a friend or even pooling resources with a good friend or going to work or socialize with a group you support are all options for your daily planner this month Leo.  Now  may very well be the right time to pull the needed finances together to launch your dream, or to help someone else to create theirs.  Old issues concerning finances can be cleared up now.  It is also the perfect time to revisit something you’ve already set in motion.  Now is your opportunity for changes, tweaks, or outright disassembly if something better has come along. Lucky for you so many lucrative and enjoyable options are coming your way.
It seems to you this month Virgo that you are torn between home and loved ones and the requirements of the outer world and your career.  Intuitively you sense this is the time you must be most focused on what’s going on in your career and you are correct. However, you can expect all kinds of things, from issues with family members to structural or maintenance problems in your home to a need to give your spouse or partner the support they need to come at exactly the wrong time, all month long.  Of course you need to handle these things too, so you’ve got to really be focused on your organizational and multi tasking skills and accept help from others too – and that’s not something you do willingly or graciously.   Just remember, if you stay on top of all these things you may put in a month of major effort but the personal rewards will be great.
This is a great month for travel to visit family, a special friend, or just to revisit somewhere that hold a special place in your heart.  You might even find a location you’d enjoy turning into a second home or a talent you could turn into a second profession. You are thinking about some sweeping changes you would like to make in your life but you aren’t quite ready to make them, or talk about them.  There may also be some unexpected changes at home or involving a partner or spouse that will require you to think out of the box and will impact your plans. You will be glad for your careful handling of the people and events in your life once you begin to see how life plays out this month.  
Finances are absorbing a great deal of your emotional energy this month Scorpio.  You feel like you are doing a juggling act all month long.  Your intuition is off the charts though so if you trust it you’ll win the game.  Expect to spend some special time with friends and if they share your interest in things both mystical and metaphysical you will have a wonderful time.  Remember if you try out anything new in the realms of business, finance, or metaphysics though, the powerful emotions you are dealing with all month leave you open to making more mistakes then usual unless you manage to maintain an objective and cool head.  Finally, if you have children they will be a highlight of your life this month. Plan some special time for them. 
This month promises to bring you many emotional moments with your partner, spouse, or significant other, Sagittarius. In fact, all of your close relationships carry a more powerful emotional charge than usual. You have been feeling burdened by life’s responsibilities but an emotional shift is happening that will make it easier for you to deal with all these issues. Through part of the month you will feel like you are dividing your time between two very demanding people both of whom have very strong emotional ties to you.  Let your intuition guide you in all your relationships because your future career and the unfolding of your life over the next few years depends on those relationships.  You are discovering a new talent for arbitration and social direction. It will be interesting to see where that talent takes you.
You are emotionally focused on changes in your daily life and in your health this month Capricorn. Don’t be surprised if some of this month’s events pull you closer to family. There is very possibly both long and short distance travel around you, some family related, some for fun and business.  Pay close attention to siblings and close friends that you relate to like siblings. Situations in and around their lives are changing and that is going to alter your connection to them.  You are allowing yourself the freedom to  choose your relationships and how you let them affect you.  This in turn is initiating a change in how everyone relates to you.  Towards the end of the month you’ll be making some purely physical changes.  
If you have children, Aquarius, you can expect some powerful interactions with them this month. It’s a great time for social activities and for working out family disputes.  If you don’t  have kids you still have a great month ahead as the same aspects that are setting the stage for you and your kids to connect are also enhancing your skill at games of chance, as well as your luck and your romantic life.  Interesting how those two things are often connected. This month will shed new light on your finances and give you time to pay some attention to your health and household chores.
Home, family and relationships dominate your life in a good and healing way this month Pisces.  Your intuition is stronger than ever, and one on one connections to family, friends and business partners are bringing it out more strongly than ever.  You are slowly losing the battle of balancing family and career though and need to find some new solutions.  If you are looking to change careers look at something connected to the healing field for the most satisfaction.  You are still fighting another battle too – that of following your intuition or your mind.  It’s time to learn to use both to their fullest ability and blend them to get the most out of both.  You will enjoy spending time on some home projects this month too, or possibly looking at a change to your residence.

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