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October Astrological Predictions with Sandy

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It seems to you like everything in your world is changing and perhaps even in a state of total upheaval Aries.  The good news is that this is when your innate ability to think on your feet, make split second choices, and lead the way to action really comes in handy. The entire month of October will require all of these skills and will put to the test your ability to communicate and work with others.  Emotionally your focus is on your friends, children (if you have them) and a special relationship that is different than anything else in your experience.  You may need to modify your life goals, give support to another, and be at your most flexible  if you want your dreams to manifest.  


Communication about finances is imperative this month Taurus, if your plans are to succeed.  Emotionally your focus is on a female friend or relative, or your significant other, and making strides forward in your life path and goals.  If you have children, there is a great deal of activity around them all month, and you may become the arbitrator in a disagreement or the advisor to some important planning.  Likewise love relationships around you and even including your own are volatile and need lots of attention.  These activities bring out the best and most creative part of you and will ultimately be both successful and enjoyable!  At the end of the month try planning some festivities for Halloween.  You will get lots of support from friends and other unexpected sources!

Travel or travel plans, with your spouse, partner, or friends, is a special treat this October.  Or perhaps your getting a special visit from a friend or family member.   This is an incredibly creative month for you Gemini, so if you are traveling, plan something special along the way that feeds your creative mind, like a lecture, a cultural experience, or perhaps give into that physical side of yourself and do some hiking!  Your creative soul is demanding an outlet.  Design that special Halloween costume.  In your work or career you creativity may be well rewarded financially if you act in a timely fashion.   It’s even a good time to plan your family, have that child, or go get that new family pet.  Your personal light shines bright all month.  You might even try your luck at the casino, or the lottery!   

You are very emotional this month Cancer, as you take on more responsibility in financial, home, and family matters.  Arbitration and diplomacy are key ingredients to your activities all month if you want to set the stage for smooth encounters for the rest of the year and perhaps even further.  You may actively be considering change of residence, purchasing an additional property, or expanding your home or household in some way.  Plan carefully.  Responsibilities you take on right now will last much longer than you think unless you are careful to set boundaries right from the start.  You need to split your focus between your own emotional needs for financial autonomy and control, and your desire to create peaceful coexistence between family members.  Keep your tendency to let your mouth run away with you in check, and you will be able to handle everything that comes your way successfully.

Unexpected opportunities and possible travel present themselves this October, Leo.  Try to take advantage of all the options – there is no telling which will lead you to your desires!  You also may find you need to get past your fears and insecurities in order to move forward with some very important things.  Your communication skills are well received – if you are teaching or studying, this is a rewarding time.  It’s also an ideal time for writing, speaking, even stepping forward into that musical career or in fact anything relating to communications.    Your attachment to someone may be holding you back, through.  You need to find a way to balance your own growth needs with your sense of responsibility to that special someone in your life.  You also may find you need to re-think your role in the life an elderly person, or someone you see as an authority figure.

All that hard work you’ve been putting into your career is about to generate some results, Virgo! This month sees you expanding your skills and your abilities, and brings a resulting opportunity for greater financial rewards.  Your emotional focus is on your home and daily life activities, even your own health or that of an older friend, relative, or pet.  Nevertheless, you must not miss the many opportunities coming your way relative to your financial future.  Now is the time to get onboard with as many options as you see coming your way, and that you can afford relative to both your finances and your time availability.  Be a dabbler.  Investigate but don’t fully commit until you see which options will work best for you.  Above all, recognize that NOW is a time for your personal growth.  Go ahead and be selfish for a change.  This is your time to truly move forward.  Enjoy!

Personal opportunities for expansion – financially, intellectually, physically, emotionally, are all around you.  The sky is the limit!  You may be thinking about a change of residence, a new relationship, a new job, a new path of study or social engagement, or all of these.  Career and other options to set and follow your chosen life path are your primary focus.  Take the time to ‘feel’ your right direction, and then go for it!  Something from your past calls you back emotionally.  Is it a relationship, an former goal or desire, an early career choice?  If it can be used as a stepping stone to your future, it is a good idea to use it.  If it is a deterrent, it’s time to cut it loose.  Health issues for you and/or someone close remain something of an enigma.  Trust your intuition.  In contractual situations, pay close attention to details as contracts of all kinds will be especially binding.  Avoid verbal agreements as they will lead to future discord.  Use your creativity to start up that new book or to move forward with your latest endeavor.  Creativity for you is high this month.  Design your most creative Halloween costume and have some fun!

Find personal space and quiet time this month Scorpio.  Your inner self is exploding with possibilities and you need space to bubble that stuff up from inside so you can get a handle on it.  Don’t worry, it’s good stuff!  In fact, you may find some wonderful and creative means of handling some critical issues in your life!  Emotionally you want and need to be close to home this month.  Issues regarding an older female, or possibly your spouse or life-mate, need your attention.  Likewise a close friend will be requiring your advice or actual help.  Much of your attention will be on your mate and on your family.  Finances continue to be somewhat limited, but your spirits are high as you see the results of your labors are in sight.As the North Node mores forward into your Solar House of Career and Life Goals, you perceive yourself moving in a whole new life direction.  To focus your emotions, your mind, and your action on a specific goal is to be a creator on the way to manifesting your dreams.  You’re on track!

Finances weigh heavily on your mind Sagittarius.  Saturn has been in your Solar first house now for several years, and financial, relationship, and life responsibilities have weighed heavily on your during that time.  As Saturn begins to move forward into your second solar house of money, talent, and abilities, you find yourself focusing on the future of your finances, your future earning capacity, and perhaps creating a new career that will be more financially and/or creatively rewarding.  Financial requirements from children and other family members have put you on a roller coaster and you now realize that cannot change until you set boundaries.  This next year will bring major changes in your primary relationship and you are seeing the beginnings of that change now.  It is important to be aware and focus on your own needs as well as your partner’s.  They may not be the same.  Communications with an older female are of the utmost importance right now as emotions need to be cleared and a foundation for the future created.  Friends, especially female friends, are important to your future goals.  Get advice from friends and family but consult a professional for your financial future.

The Sun is in your Solar House of Career and Life Direction right now Capricorn.  Now is the time to set your goals for your future.  Now is the time to begin planning for the New Year!  Where do you want to live?  What do you see yourself doing?  Who do you want to do them with, live with?   Where do you see your career and your earnings in the future? What do you want to change?  What do you want to end?  Begin?    Your finances are your primary emotional focus, along with development of skills and natural talents and abilities.  You want it all, and why shouldn’t you?  You KNOW that with the application of your natural abilities you can have what you want.  The real key is deciding what you want!  If you allow yourself to be led by others or their needs you will find yourself divided and running in place.  The decisions you make now and going forward will change your life and add responsibility for about the next three years at least,  but will also allow you to lead the life you want once you’ve established the correct foundation for your dreams to manifest.  

Oh my! You are wearing your heart on your sleeve this month Aquarius, in a way most unusual for you!  Allowing the world to see you as you are, with your walls down and no artifact, is not your usual stance – but that is what is happening all month long as you deal with one emotional thing after another.  You’ve bottled those emotions up for a very long time…now is the time you will release them.  Find a safe place, and an understanding person – perhaps even a therapist – to do that with.  Travel or travel plans are definitely in the works for you this month, and you may find you need to unravel the past that you have been mired in for too long in order to move into the future.  If you give into your feelings you will run away.  Fare very convoluted and difficult to get a handle on right now but they must be sorted through if you are to move forward.  You are experiencing a great deal of insecurity and volatility.  A valuable hint – take care of your own issues first, then go to work on how they are affected by others issues and finances.

All the hard work of the last three years is about to start paying off Pisces!  Financial rewards are coming, but you may need to shift jobs or your career path in order for that to happen.  Things on the relationship front are either very volatile or very physically active.  Old opportunities but also old problems are resurfacing.  For at least the next year your finances are going to continue to be erratic so careful budgeting and planning is necessary.  The good thing about being your right now, is out of need you are and have been developing skills and abilities at a great rate – and all will be needed for the future life you will be leading.  You have been hiding and sublimating your emotions for a long time now, and there has been a slow healing taking place within you.  You can feel those inner feelings slowly burning their way out.  Take the time now to get in touch with them so that when they explode they will not destroy the relationships with those you love best.  You will soon find that you need, for now, to live a split life.  Compartmentalizations will allow you to express the emotional you in the ways you need to, while the energetic, intellectual you the world is most familiar with can go on with life as usual.  Take some time to enjoy home and family this year, beginning with Halloween!








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