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Pisces 2014 and January Astrological Predictions

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goodlife40_bigstockHappyNewYearcelebratio52734466_1-300x300Pisces – (Generally February 21st through March 20th. Have a chart done if you’re not sure as it changes year to year.)

2014 Year Overview –
You are still on your healing journey this year, Pisces, with your ruler Neptune and the healing planetoid Chiron both still in your solar first house…but this year your focus will be on healing friendships, healing group dynamics, healing your children (especially your third child or your third sibling or the third child born of your lineage) and finally on healing your own inner child. You are learning to give love unconditionally, and in the way someone else needs it, not necessarily the way you want to give it. This dynamic is so strong in fact, that an inner compulsion could easily lead you to develop a business along these lines. Wow. Imagine that. A love-based business!


January –
You are wasting no time Pisces, as you jump right into the business of healing yourself. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you began taking (or teaching) a course on some form of healing. Your perceptions are greatly enhanced at the moment and you are even beginning to see the energy around you, if you allow yourself to do that. Your creativity is off the charts this month, your personal magnetism is heightened, and you have the ability to shine in whatever endeavor you apply yourself to.

You are very focused on your partner or significant other in an emotionally charged way. Travel is definitely also on your mind, and yet that is also for whatever reason an emotionally packed issue for you. If you have children, now is a great time to spend time with them. If you don’t, it’s a good time to think about it, or to put your energy into that child of your heart – your own personal creation.

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