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Pizza- food with friendsPIZZA IS THE PERFECT FOOD!

Ok, so that’s an odd title for this type of newsletter… or is it?

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love a great pizza! You have your protein, dairy, starch, vegetable and you can even add pineapple to get your fruit in! Of course with tomatoes being a fruit, you are pretty much covered anyway. It’s a very well rounded meal in my opinion! It’s easy to eat and can be done in so many different ways. You can use a plate or not, fold it or leave it flat…. make it round or square… sit or stand, be at home or on the beach…. You can eat it hot or cold… fresh out of the oven or a day old… by yourself or with a ton of friends!! You can have thick crust, stuffed crust, hand tossed crust, garlic crust, thin crust… lol…. And it pairs well with soda, wine, beer, water, tea… and it allows creativity! You can put ‘anything’ you want on a pizza and not too many people are going to judge you, even if it’s anchovies!

Not saying that everything is going to be great, but I have tried taco pizza, chicken pizza, pizza with shrimp, bacon and pineapple… things I never thought would go together and they did! Pizza is easy to find in just about any town and it’s not normally too expensive. You can even buy it frozen or make it home made! Whoda thought that combining a bunch of totally different flavors, textures, food groups together on a round piece of flat dough would be loved by so many!

Mmmmm…. Guess I know what I am having for dinner tonight!

So why am I talking about pizza? What is my point?

My point is this.. and it’s just for you to think about… but what if you looked at life like a pizza? What if you got out of your comfort zone and tried something new tonight. I’m not talking about food, although that’s a good place to start.. but something that you have wanted to try but could never get yourself to take that one step forward. Make it simple… make it new…. Make it happen! You will impress yourself!

I ‘hate’ mushrooms!! Really hate them.. the flavor, consistency, the way they feel on my tongue.. yuk! But last night I was having dinner with a friend and she had ordered a bowl of butter sautéed mushrooms. Little guys but the full mushroom. She offered me some and of course my initial reaction was ‘Ewwwwwwwwww… no thank you’!! She knows I hate them, but she is always ‘offering’ things, just in case I change my mind. Good friend that helps you to move out of the box. So, close to the end of the meal I decided to try them and they were amazing! Yes, I will say it… I was ‘wrong’ in my thinking that all mushrooms were nasty! Lol And in that small moment of time, my entire perspective of mushrooms changed! And my world expanded and I have now brought something new into my life that I would have missed out on. I took the leap of faith and I was happy I made that choice.

You see, my friends… it’s the little things.. the baby steps that we take that allow us to make progress in our lives. It’s the chances we take that help us create a better life for ourselves. It’s those things that we might not think go together, that actually can, and when paired, they can make a world of difference! And we expand our perception, our knowledge, our future.

Order that pizza tonight! Not just a plain pepperoni pizza… go wild! Add something you have never tried before. Step out of the box and allow yourself a new experience! Get the thick crust instead of the thin! Get those creative choices flowing and change the way you normally do something!

And enjoy the ride, because once you give yourself permission to try new things…. Moving forward becomes a wonderful journey!

Enjoy your newness!

In light,

Lisa Freeman

Intuitive Consultant



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