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Psychic Development Level 5 and Level 6 in Tampa with Sandy

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Four Days of Study in Person with Sandy Anastasi


Psychic Development Level 5 – Developing Energy & Skill in Spirit Communication

Psychic Development Level 6 – Healing in Spirit Communication




MAY – 18TH, 19TH, 20TH, 21ST – PD LEVELS 5, 6 AND SBTV

18th – Thursday – 10:00AM – 5:00PM – PD LEVEL 5

18th – Thursday – 5:30PM – 7:30PM – Meet N Greet

19th – Friday – 10:00AM – 5:00PM – Seeing Beyond The Veil

19th – Friday – 7:00PM – 9:00PM – Seeing Beyond The Veil

20th – Saturday – 10:00AM – 5:00PM – PD LEVEL 6 (first day)

20th – Saturday – 7:00PM – 9:00PM – STUDENTS PSYCHIC FAIR

21st – Sunday – 10:00AM – 5:00PM – PD LEVEL 6 (second day)


This is a FOUR DAY Workshop in Tampa, Florida. In Psychic Development Level Five, learn to identify spirit, clairaudience, clairsentience, meditation techniques, a working knowledge of symbolism and a complete “system” for spirit communication while interpreting the symbols you receive, recognizing who you are “speaking” with and how to present your information. Everyone will leave having done at least one successful spirit communication.

In Psychic Development Level Six, this workshop will continue the work done in part one with discussions and exercises focused on symbols, levels of spirit, planes of consciousness, clearing spirit, spirit attachment and soul retrieval. One to one practice will continue. Prior experience in lead up classes are required. Fundamentals will not be repeated.



Workshop Registration – PD5 & PD6 Four Day Workshop $625.


Registration $625.00 – For more information or if you are student looking to repeat this class, please e-mail Lisa at [email protected]

TESTIMONIALS: “Sandy, Last night I attended a Gallery reading of two of my Medium friends and to be honest I was horrified. The entire room was full of one of the Mediums friend’s (which I see nothing wrong with…especially as a new starting out medium) but I watched her and the ONLY people she read were her friends. The people I have seen her read over and over again. She was so rude to the other Medium who was from Chicago and knew no one and all her information was real channeled accurate information. I was nauseated to listen to the first one saying she’s going to be the next Theresa Caputo with her life size posters of herself. I couldn’t understand why she would want to be the next anything and not just be the next best of herself. All that kept going through my mind is THANK YOUUUUUU for sending me Sandy. She taught me EGO. This medium is so lost in Ego, the want of the spotlight, the “Fame” of the moment she can’t see straight and it’s affecting her validity as a true Medium which I know she is and have seen how accurate she can be. She just wanted to get her name out there so badly that all she read were friends and information she has already channeled. I was horrified…It made me appreciate all the seasoned mediums that have been put in my path the past couple years…somehow it has become “the in thing” to be a Medium which is insanity to me. But most of all last night prompted me to write this letter to you as my PERSONAL THANK YOU for all the teachings you have taught me because if I actually ever do get good enough to do this work and past all the last little fears still lingering I will know I was taught ethics, morals, and the Ego from the BEST… I am truly sooo Grateful for that on every level. EVERY NEW medium should have to take your courses for a solid foundation before they allow themselves to do this work. I know we are all still human and the Ego always gets in the way… but last night crossed ethical lines to me. It was not just Ego although I know it’s driven from there but it also taught me by watching how the Chicago Medium handled herself in that adversity as such a professional with such Grace and that’s the kind of Medium I would ONLY want to be if someday if I ever am one and yup.. That I strictly OWE TO YOU”. Xo LD

“Hi Sandy- Just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to fine tune my abilities at your class this past weekend. You are an amazing teacher with a huge heart of gold. I was blessed to be brought to you and learn from you. I have managed to track down who the young man was who came through during group session on Sunday. Delivered the message with faith that it will be received in love and healing and bring his mother peace. It was your clue about a client who made me feel the energy while with her that helped me figure it out!

Turns out my client is an empath and this teenager’s Spirit attached-probably when she was visiting her father in hospital in a wide open vulnerable empathic state (she is a former Reiki student of mine). I had a gut feeling what she was going through was something I had never encountered before and now the pieces all fit. My guides told me she had a Spirit attachment but I – being stubborn and inexperienced dismissed the idea. wow. Trusting myself and my Guides is the biggest lesson. So humbled.
THANK YOU. You are amazing. Many Blessings to you,” -Debbie S.- Nova Scotia

AtriumThe Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore is the perfect Venue for this event and for your stay. Wireless High Speed Internet Access, free airport transportation, free shuttle service and parking is included.

All rooms are two room suites with kitchenette, sitting area and work desk, plus a pull out sofa!

Click here for a Special rate or call 888-627-8261.




Seeing Beyond The Veil with Sandy Anastasi



10:00am – 5:00pm
Tampa, Florida

The Dying Process and What Happens After Death and Who are Your Higher Self and Your Guides

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? – Have you ever had someone close to you die and wondered where they really went? Have you ever tried to contact someone on the “other side” or felt a loved one trying to contact you? This class is for anyone who has ever wondered what follows after death. You will never look at life or death in the same way again!

THE HIGHER SELF – Today everyone is talking about their “Higher Self.” But just what is that? Learn from an experienced psychic and mystic who has spent years delving into the subject objectively and subjectively. A guided meditation takes you on an inward journey to meet your Higher Self.

GUIDES & HELPERS – We all have them helping us through life’s journey on the physical and spiritual planes. Learn the different types of guidance you receive regularly, where it comes from and how to tune in better! Meet your own life guide, guardian angel and totem animal in a special guided meditation.

THE ELEMENTAL KINGDOM – There are more inhabitants in the world than those we know and see. Unseen beings interact with the physical world around us helping to build and maintain it. Learn about the garden elementals of Findhorn, magic, oriental devas and even those we create our selves. We can work with them consciously in peaceful co-existence.

Registration – $100.

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