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Hello Everyone!

I am celebrating my birthday today! 

My husband and I are on a cruise to Alaska and one of my favorite lifelong dreams is being fulfilled as you read this!  The glaciers are just amazing.  Tall and majestic, they rise from the sea washed in every color of the rainbow as sunlight glints off them.  And the sea life! 

All kinds of sea animals and birds seem to be following the ship!  Can you ‘see’ those images of whales and dolphins and every kind of sea bird imaginable as I send them to you now, as you read these words?

All of my adult life I have reveled in a vibrational world that is rich in color and feeling and insight and empathy and telepathy with powerful guidance and miraculous healing, and I so want to be able to share all these abilities and skills with you, and enrich your life in just the way mine has been so rich for all these wonderful years!

Yes, I have had struggles and challenges, as we all have who live in this physical world right now…but the insight, understanding, awareness, and foresight that my intuitive skills and abilities give me has helped me to rise to greater joy following the surmounting of every challenge.

Wouldn’t you like that to be your life?

Level 1 of The Anastasi System of Psychic Development is the most important of all the levels.  It begins in a few short days, online, on July 5th at 7pm.  I would so love to meet you when you take this class with me!

In Level 1 you will learn the foundation for everything you will ever want to know in the psychic world, and you build that foundation carefully, and in a fully protected and loving environment, and in the comfort and ease of your own home.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a powerfully enough developed and controlled sense of empathy that you understand the feelings of your partner or friend so deeply and so immediately that even though they may be having trouble expressing themselves you understand them?  Imagine the arguments you can avoid, the added insights you will have into the character, dreams and desires of the people you love most, as well as the people you deal with casually everyday as you move through life?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to telepathically know what the people around you are thinking and intending, almost before they know it themselves? Just think of how many major mistakes you could have avoided in life if you’d only had this asset developed in yourself.

Wouldn’t it just be nice to know which thoughts and emotions are your own, and which are coming to you from someone else? 

I remember earlier in my life before I realized what a huge part unconscious and uncontrolled empathy and telepathy played for me, how I felt almost compelled to put a harvest-gold refrigerator in my all white appliance kitchen in spite of my husband’s protests. 

Imagine how surprised I was when my sister, whom I’d not spoken to in several months and who lived on the other side of the country, called to tell me she’d just purchased a new harvest-gold refrigerator.  Honestly, if she’d been standing next to me I’d have kicked her.  That is only one example of hundreds I could give you of how unconscious empathy and telepathy rocked my world.  How is it affecting yours?

Imagine being able to remain centered and focused no matter what chaos is going on around you.  That’s how I am now.  That’s the foundation of strength I can impart to you.

Imagine being the one who through your improved focus and your calm presence and organization not only intuits the correct path in every trying situation, but helps others to find theirs as well simply by setting the right example? 

You CAN be that person!

This is what Level 1 is about.  It is about you finding your own center, and empowering yourself.  You will learn to protect yourself, your home, your loved ones.  You will learn meditation, correct breathing patterns, telepathy and empathy.  You will learn to balance all the parts of yourself to increase your intuition, understand your dreams, and create and enhance a strong connection to your Higher Self.

Level 1 is the foundation for everything psychic

Click here to sign up now!

The early enrollment discount on the class is officially gone, but since it’s my birthday I want to give you a gift! 

So I am extending the early enrollment $100 discount! 

Sign up before June 22nd and you can still get both the $100 discount and $50 off a 1/2 hour channeled reading with me! 

(Get the discount now,
book your reading anytime before Jan 1, 2018)

Love and Light,
Sandy Anastasi



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