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Psychic Development Online Course

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Psychic Development


Online Study


with Sandy Anastasi




JULY – NOV 2017

This program is a combination of at-home study and online study directly with Sandy Anastasi.

Sandy will cover all 6 Levels of her Psychic Development program during the months of July – November


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The Anastasi System of Psychic Development Levels 1-6

Online Certificate Program of Study with Sandy Anastasi




At the beginning of each class in the series

Sandy will host a 1-1/2 hour webinar introducing the material

giving a timetable of instruction for the class.


During each month Sandy will host two webinars

in which techniques will be reviewed

and students can ask Sandy questions.


an additional practice session will be scheduled online to accompany each class.


Students will be sent an exam with oral and written components

to complete and send to Sandy for review.




A facebook group especially for online students will be set up,

and students will have access to that as well as

the regular facebook group for psychic development students.


Extra secret gifts to help you with your psychic development will be distributed during the class series,

and special tools will be made available at discount.




To study directly with Sandy and receive a Certificate of Completion

of The Anastasi System of Psychic Development

students must commit to studying all six levels of the System

and also Seeing Beyond the Veil.




Students will receive the eBook and the MP4 download

at the beginning of each class

and will be expected to review the material in pre-determined segments.


Students may purchase the Blue Ray video

of each level at a 10% discount. Students may purchase

a soft cover workbook of any level,

signed by me by contacting Lisa.



July 5, 1219
 July 26,
August 2 & 9
  August 16, 23, 30 
September 6, 13, 20
September 28
     October 4, 11, 18
October 25th
November 1, 8



64e1f380007c013264457a163e74bed5 Paypal offers the option of paying over time

without interest via Paypal credit



PURCHASE Individually

Purchase One Level of the Course At a Time

$500 per level,

six levels total (PD1-PD6)

includes the eBook and the MP4 download

Students must take the entire 6 classes and SBV class to qualify for the Certificate

Total Cost: $3000.




SAVE $250. when you purchase Levels One, Two & Three together!

 $1,250 for PD Levels One, Two and Three

 includes the eBook and the MP4 download

Students must take the entire 6 classes and SBV class to qualify for the Certificate

Total Cost for Levels One, Two and Three

$1250. a savings of $250.



SAVE $250. when you purchase Levels Four, Five & Six together!

 $1,250 for PD Levels

Four, Five & Six

 includes the eBook

and the MP4 download

Students must take the entire

6 classes and Seeing Beyond the Veil class to qualify for the Certificate

Total Cost for Levels Four, Five & Six

$1250. a savings of $250.




Purchase All Six Levels at once and save $875.

PD Levels 1-6

includes the eBook and the MP4 download and Seeing Beyond the Veil Mp4 download

Total Cost: $2,225. a savings of  $875.




Seeing Beyond the Veil Class

Students must take this class to qualify for the Certificate





The Anastasi System of
Psychic Development Level 6
– Healing through Spirit Communication

 Paypal offers the option of paying over time

without interest via Paypal credit 64e1f380007c013264457a163e74bed5



TESTIMONIAL: “Hi Lisa, I was part of the Dec. 2015 online psychic development class. After the course with you and Sandy, things really opened up for me and I found treatment for my health issues, I got pregnant, and finally finished my Master’s degree! I’m so grateful for having studied with you both. – Donna C.”








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  1. Shabinski


    i really want to learn how to enhance my psychic “energy”

    i am empathic and i could feel issues people had and could guide them to a solution, i thought something was wrong with me and gave up that ESP.

    i really want to enhance my psychic-ness and more,..
    i am progressing slowly, but need some help or guidelines..



    online Psychic Development Online Course??

    • Sandy

      I suggest you go ahead and take this online class, and also review my Psychic Protection tips on YouTube. Both are perfect to suit your needs. You already know you have the gift – let me help you to develop it!

  2. Aqua

    Would love to take your PD Course. However, i feel there is a lacking on the business side. I find it extremely difficult to market my services ( I am in introvert) and make the money in return. This is a challenge that most of us, Psychics and Sensitives encounter. The subject of how to earn as a sensitive is lacking on the bookshelves and in classes. I worked for cents on the dollar as a psychic for California Psychis. It rendered me sick after 6 months of doing readings over the phone. I received 5 stars reviews yet can’t find a way to go solo and be paid decently. Any advice on how can I return my investment if I do take your classes? Thank you!

    • Sandy

      Your observation is accurate, and is definitely an issue for all people studying psychic development with any teacher, online or off. The psychic field has yet to mature into a viable, fully employable profession. When you go to college to become a nurse, you graduate and begin to look for jobs in a hospital or other nursing care facility; when you graduate with a certificate in psychic development you have gained all the tools you need to be an excellent practitioner in your chosen profession, but you have severely limited choices, at present, regarding where to employ those skills. As you noted, there are online psychic hotlines. There are New Age stores and Spiritualist Churches. Other than that, you are pretty much on your own, building your own business. Building your business as a psychic is not different than building your business in any other area. It requires hard work, focus, business and marketing skills, and a lot of dedication.
      In my classes I assume my students will utilize their skills in their personal lives and already existing careers, but I also give a good enough background and helpful hints in how to establish yourself as a psychic that I have already helped to expand the wold-wide professional psychic community by adding hundreds of Anastasi System graduates. I recall being at a gathering of psychics in New York where one well-known psychic medium commented that every professional psychic he spoke with at the gathering had either studied directly with me, or with one of my students who is now teaching!
      You will also note that one of the MP4 classes I offer on my site is by well-known business coach Kala Ambrose, addressing the business side of this profession. There will be more classes such as that offered in the future. I fully recognize that this has been a stumbling block for aspiring psychics – and I AM ADDRESSING IT!
      I foresee a rich future for psychics. More and more, we are all living in a psychic world. Eventually I see psychics and intuitives employed in nearly every other profession, where we can use our unique skills, particularly in telepathy and empathy, to bring greater success to those organizations. I see the professions of psychic prediction and psychic mediumship expanding constantly, as we achieve greater and greater acceptance in the world. Several of my former students have risen to fame, and have opened the doors to psychics appearing more and more frequently in the media. This is helping all of us.
      Also, keep in mind that psychics and intuitives also make wonderful life coaches – a field which is growing daily – and didn’t even exist a few years ago.
      I would love for you to take this program. But whether or not you do, I encourage you to stick with your dream of working as a psychic.

  3. Shelley

    I purchased the entire e-book collection and videos last fall. I have made time here and there to move through the materials, and would really love an opportunity to study with you in this on-line class. Am I required to repurchase all of the materials, should I choose to enroll?

    • Lisa

      Hey Shelley,

      Good question… the corresponding E-book and MP4 come with the class, so there is no additional purchase there. I know you have already signed up to become a Student of Sandy’s for this course…. so very exciting!!!

      ‘See’ you in class!
      In light,
      Lisa Freeman

  4. Darlene Harvey

    I would like to talk to someone about your course. I am very interested in it and having
    Sandy as my teacher, but I’ m not sure
    if this is right for me. I write for Spirit
    Giving their loved one healing messages for their souls.
    I don’t have anyone to talk with about
    Making this choice to take your course.
    Thank you for every word you freely
    give out to all of us.
    Darlene Harvey

    • Lisa

      Hey Darlene!

      I’m so glad you chose to become a student of Sandy’s! This is a class that is going to help you become more than you thought possible! It’s that powerful if a person follows Sandy’s instruction and does the work (which is fun, by the way)… lol.. Congratulations on making the choice to enhance your own abilities! You are going to love this!

      In light,
      Lisa Freeman

  5. Suzanne

    The online course sounds simply amazing, and exactly what I have been looking for. I have been noticing my abilities have been getting stronger as I age…Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and some Clairvoyance…in addition to Pre-Cognitive dreams, and awake Premonitions (which I think falls into the category of Claircognizance or Clairsentience).

    Psychic protection is an area I am really interested in as well.

    I have watched Ms. Sandy’s youtube video’s, and they are great. My time constraints are the issue, as I am on west coast time, and 5-6:30p conflicts with family scheduling for the online course.

    My questions is to obtain certification, the DVD option or working with Lisa are alternates that also fulfill doing course work for certification? I missed the June special to get a reading with Ms. Sandy to have her read me, to confirm my abilities…however, if there is a self-paced option from the two certification alternatives mentioned above in this comment, could you please discuss each?

    Family schedules are what I need to work with, and knowing the certification options would be helpful for this commitment. I would LOVE to work with Sandy in an online group setting, only the hours don’t work on my end.

    Thank You Ms. Sandy, and your team for the work you do! I have realized a strong awakening, and I know I could benefit from an experienced teacher.

  6. Linda Murray-Figueroa

    Will Sandy be repeating this 6 month course again? Will it begin again in December or January?
    Thank you!

    • Barb Scott

      I would also like to know if she is repeating this class as this time is inconvenient due to three weddings and one expecting baby.

  7. Annette Moreland

    I am very interested in training with Sandy. Is this course available in January? Is there a discount price if someone wanted to sign up for the 3 (6 PD’s) in classroom courses coming up in January? Also, I am not able to get the newsletter for some reason, I don’t get a confirmation in my email.

    Thank you, Annette

  8. Carmen Greentree

    I would really love to do this course but not sure if I’ll be able to get the money in time to start.
    Will the course be running again next year?
    Thank you kindly,

  9. Sheila Morrison

    Wow, very interesting stuff! I can’t wait to d/l dome of the mp3s!

  10. Josh

    How often are these courses offered? More specifically, will another six-month course be offered January 2017?

    Thank you for your time.


  11. Tracy Spriggs

    I am so excited to have find Sandy on YouTube after
    Years of searching. I have not purchased the PD Level 1
    Videos and meditations and awaiting my Books
    I ordered from my South African supplier!
    I am running around in circles with YouTube
    Any suggestions in which order to watch
    The videos? Any tips perhaps?!
    I will deff become an online student in 2017 to
    Obtain my certificates! Love & Light Tracy


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