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Our Psychic Pets:

7 Tips to Connect with Them

An Evolution of Consciousness Webinar with Sandy Anastasi

From my earliest childhood I have been blessed by the pets I have had the pleasure to share my life with. Being childless myself, I have poured all of my nurturing into my family of dogs, cats, birds, mice, fish, turtles, snakes and other reptiles, and even some insects who ‘adopted’ me.

And the loving energy I’ve given to my furry, hairless, and scaled four legged, two legged, no legged, winged, and crawling animal friends has been returned a thousand times over.

I’ve done healing work both in person and over distance for animals, but even more importantly, I’ve had my animal friends send healing to me, and I’ve even worked with healer-animals to heal other humans and other animals.

I’ve communicated and communed with my animal friends. I’ve connected with them in every way, vocally, via hand commands and body language, to telepathy and empathy.

I’ve even astral travelled with several of my pets, both while they were alive and after they’d passed.

And I’ve met some of my pets who are old souls through several of their incarnations here on earth, always feeling blessed when they chose another life with me.

My pets never run from me; they run to me. They know that we are family.

I want to share some of my joy in my pet family with you, and teach you via 7 simple tips how you can create the same warm, loving, and fulfilling relationship and communication with your best animal friends as I have with mine. It really isn’t hard, once you know the simple secrets to creating a lifelong bond, and understanding how that bond can help both you and your loving pet to evolve and grow together.

As always in my webinars, there will be a special Guided Meditation by my Guides and I to help you to find and meet your special animal guide, and to understand how you can best connect not just with your own best animal buddy but also with all of the animals in the natural world around you!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at this amazing webinar!

Love and Light,

Sandy Anastasi


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