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Psychic Protection Tip # 28: Don’t Be a Psychic Vampire!

Posted on Sep 18, 2015 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip # 28: Don’t Be a Psychic Vampire!

 making stop sign.Vampires are alive and well in our society.

When you feel your energy suddenly drop to almost nothing after you’ve interacted with someone, it’s likely that person vamping your energy. The most common way this happens involves the Vampire doing or saying something to generate an intense emotional response in you, as emotion takes so much of your life force energy to project. Once you project that emotion, all the Vampire has to do is sit back and enjoy the lift you just gave them.

Do you know someone who always seems happier and more ‘up’ after you’ve had a big fight with them?

It is easy to recognize the Psychic Vampires in your life. The friend who only calls you when she is down and depressed. The co-worker who corners you with his constant and never ending complaints about the job, your co-workers, even his home life. The would-be lover who plays on your sympathies, telling you how bad his x-lover or x-wife was, and how much he needs you to help him get over all that. The lover or significant other who gives you a taste of what you need, only to withhold it from you as soon as they’ve got you hooked. The colleague who brings all their difficult work to you, asking for your constant and never ending help and support, the mother-in-law you know will always play the guilt trip on you, the mother who constantly reminds you of your inadequacies, the father whose sarcastic wit scores wounds in more than your pride. The boss whose tirades you fear.

All of us are guilty of draining the psychic energy of others occasionally by causing these negative emotions unintentionally. We are after all human, with very human personalities. But a few of us have discovered that we like the way the sudden lift in our energy and our mood feels, after we’ve ‘dished it out’ to someone. Be careful. When you begin to like the way dominating someone else’s emotions feels you are on the verge of becoming addicted to an anti-social form of behavior that leads to you becoming a Vampire yourself!

Vampires are rarely born. They are usually created. And the problem is, the Vampire experience is contagious.

If you allow someone to dominate your emotional energy it is guaranteed that over time you will learn the methods they are using to make you feel badly and employ them when you are in a similar but reversed situation with another person. For example – the child who grows up being abused by a Vampire parent will often become abusive themselves with their future spouse and or children, using the same techniques they were taught. If they continue the pattern, over time the emotional energy charge they get when they do that behavior will become as addictive to them as alcohol is to an alcoholic – and a Vampire is created.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t be a Vampire. Identify the sources in your life where you are being vamped, and eliminate them. Be brave and honest with yourself. Identify the areas in your life where you are vamping the emotional energy of another person and seek new ways of expressing that do not involve that Vampire behavior.

Make the decision now. Don’t be a Psychic Vampire.

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  1. Kirk is out

    Avoid energy drain. +Protect the throath to root chackras. Which is the main energy system of the body that parasitic entities are after night and day. (Food enters and waste goes out) +Make pouches filled with Crystal salt or round flat orgonite. ORGONITE -craft made with resin, metal shavings and Crystal. ((Learn how to make.) +For throath chackra knot a long sock around the neck with the pouches inside. + On a t-shirt attach pouches running from the neck down, front and back. +on a underpant attach pouches on top of the genitals, perineum and the anus. Wear as needed. +The relief is felt at once. +Kirk is out


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