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Psychic Protection Tip #33: Staying Healthy by Keeping Your Energy Body Clear

Posted on Feb 25, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Two people couple in a situation :woman sneeze in a white napkin while the man wearing a protective mask and it is very scared trying to stop her sneezing with his handsconcept of protection from swine flu or other diseases

Psychic Protection Tip #33:

Staying Healthy by Keeping Your Energy Body Clear

This psychic protection tip is especially useful during the cold Winter months, but will be of special benefit to anyone who has or interacts frequently with young children, deals with the public a lot, or is traveling on a cruise ship, airline or train. This tip is intended to help you protect psychically against communicative diseases by protecting your astral or energy body.

Most people don’t realize that just as each of us has an energy field or ‘aura’, so does a virus or any other microorganism. It doesn’t matter whether a contaminating microorganism is air-born, or transmitted via body fluids or in any other way – if its energy field or ‘aura’ is not allowed in, it cannot affect you. To pick up a communicable illness, you must invite it in.

Invitations include allowing yourself to become run down with too many sleepless nights, improper eating, over-working, over-playing, over-drinking or just plain over-doing. Husbands and wives often transfer illnesses back and forth as when there are sexual relations there is always an energy exchange. We often pick up illnesses from children as we automatically extend a protective energy towards them, and that opens our energy to them. Likewise those in the healing profession need to learn to sympathize not empathize as empathy opens the energy field to the ill person. Compassion is the friend of the health practitioner. It allows your natural boundaries to remain in place. We also invite communicable illnesses in anytime we have sex with someone, or invite them to enter our energy field in some less intimate but equally invasive way.

I was recently reminded of this the hard way. My massage therapist had been ill with the flu for several weeks during which I of course refrained from letting her work on me. At first that was dictated by her being bedridden, but when she began to feel better she contacted me to see if I needed a massage. I waited several weeks until she was ‘mostly symptom free’. I didn’t ask her what that meant. Big mistake on my part.

I asked her to work on my neck and shoulders, where i hold my tension. Of course that meant she was breathing on me as she worked. Very shortly after she started I began to get a headache. I asked if she had one, and sure enough, she said the medication she was taking was affecting her sinuses that way. Again, I brushed this warning aside and let her continue.

It was a great massage as always – but I woke that night with all the symptoms of the flu. Now remember, as a practicing psychic I tend to open up more readily to receive energy than most of you do, so what I got six hours later might have taken most of you two days. The normal incubation period for an airborne illness. There have been times when I read someone over the telephone not knowing they were sick and had picked up their illness by the time I got off the phone. When an actual psychic connection is made, that astral bug transmits really fast! That’s one reason I have learned to thoroughly protect myself and my space when doing my psychic readings – even on the telephone!

Back to my recent experience. Realizing that I had just invited the flu into my energy field, I got up in the middle of the night, took a shower and washed off with sea-salt soap, and used my neti pot – a small pot designed to pour water through your sinuses to cleanse them. I added some salt and a couple of drops of liquid garlic – nature’s antibiotic. My intent was to safely sterilize my sinuses. As an extra precaution to control the symptoms I also took some cold and flu medication and went back to bed to sleep for 14 hours straight. Before drifting off I cleared myself and my space, then protected my space, and threw some salt under my sheet. I slept it off and woke flu free.

There are several points to remember here. First, keep yourself healthy and therefore your energy field will be healthy. On my website,, I have a free chakra meditation. Doing that daily will also promote a healthy energy field. Second, be aware. ‘Take your temperature’ frequently by doing a self-check. Be aware of how your body feels at all times. Immediately address any physical or emotional feeling that ‘doesn’t belong’. Remove yourself from the situation if you feel anything out of order. Third, when you have a sick family member be compassionate but don’t feel it is your responsibility to make them better. Do your job with compassion, not empathy. If you know someone is sick avoid physical contact, and especially sex with them. Fourth, maintain the obvious cleanliness standards to prevent contamination in your environment and especially with yourself. Fifth, if you are travelling on a public conveyance, especially during the winter months, take as many precautions as you can to remain healthy, assuming that everyone you come in contact with is a potential carrier of something. Sixth, if you are a psychic, don’t do reading when you are sick! That’s just plain irresponsible.

This information is extremely important, and is an ages old secret that should be shared. This is the reason certain people seem immune to any communicable disease. You can be too. Protect your energy field. Be self-responsible.

Good Health To You!

Sandy Anastasi

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