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Psychic Protection Tip #35 – Psychic Protection While You Sleep?

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #35
– Psychic Protection While You Sleep?

This is Tip #1 in the Dream Series


When I was a very young child I had a series of nightmares that would wake me up screaming, and were apparently so frightening that even after my parents got me sitting up in bed, eyes open, I’d still be staring off into the distance, trapped in the dream, screaming. Of course I don’t remember these nightmares now, thank goodness, but the story was that it would take my folks ten minutes or more of shaking me, and holding me, to bring me to wakefulness.

As soon as they had my attention they’d ask me what I had dreamed that frightened me so much – and I always told them I did not remember. Those nightmares went on every couple of months for two years and then suddenly stopped. I then entered a dreamless period in my life where I slept so deeply that I could not remember my dreams at all. That period lasted over 20 years, until a close friend of mine did a regression on me and took me back into that recurring dream.

In my nightmare I was being pursued by a dark, frightening figure that I knew had once been my friend, but now I needed to get away from. I ran and ran but was never able to get away. I was never caught, but could never escape. That was the nightmare. Then, the last time I had the nightmare I saw a deep dark ‘hole’ in the distance. I ran towards it, jumped into it, and the pursuit stopped. Forever. But so did my ability to remember my dreams.

In her regression with me, my friend told me to avoid going into the black hole. She realized that this dark dream figure that was pursuing me was actually herding me into that place of no-dreams. She guided me to avoid the dark hole, to turn around and look at the figure to see if I recognized it, which I did, and then to immediately wake up.

And in so doing she gave me the best, most immediately successful and universal solution to nightmares, and to resolving any other unpleasantness in your dreams. Just wake up.

My parents were on the right track, but they never included me in the solution which allowed the problem to continue. You see I allowed myself to become trapped in the nightmare dream because I didn’t know I could wake up. That simple directive from them, given the very first time I had the nightmare, would have implanted that solution in my mind and the nightmare would have ended then, never to recur.

Ever since my friend’s intervention I have had a very active dream life, and when I find myself in any situation in my dreams that I don’t wish to be in, I am awake before I even realized I woke myself up.

So, to all of you reading this – I’m sharing this amazing protection with you, and you’ve now got it. You’ve read it, you’ve heard it, and your mind has absorbed and understood it. Next time you are having an unpleasant dream – you’ll escape the unpleasantness, manipulation, control, unhealthy connection, or whatever else is going on – just by suddenly finding yourself awake.

Share this with your children. They will thank you, because children love to dream.

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