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Psychic Protection Tip #38 – Safe Driving Tip #2

Posted on Jul 20, 2016 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #38 – Safe Driving Tip #2

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One of the most wonderful and amazing psychic protection tools I learned many years ago and teach to all of my beginner level psychic development students is the Psychic Energy Balloon.

It is such a great protective tool that I have decided to teach you this simple, yet powerful protective technique to help you to stay safe on the Highways this year and far into the future.

First, let me take just a moment to tell you two amazing experiences I had myself when employing this protective technique. The first happened very shortly after I’d first learned it.

I was on one of those highways where the road was splitting at the same time that traffic was getting on and off and crossing in both directions. I know you love those traffic set-ups just as much as I do! I had to take the right fork, but traffic getting on just before the split was cutting across to the left fork. Sure enough, a car just entering the highway aimed itself right at me…and I had no place to go. I was about to get broadsided. I quickly ‘breathed’ my energy balloon into place. The crash I’d expected didn’t happen. I looked in my rear view mirror, and it appeared that the oncoming car that nearly broadsided me had somehow been bounced back and turned into the right lane next to me. It missed it’s turn, but neither of us was harmed.

The second time I personally experienced the power of the psychic energy balloon I was in my friend’s small car. It was rush hour and we were in the middle lane surrounded by trucks. Thankfully I had put us in an energy balloon as we started our drive. A truck behind us couldn’t see past those in front and took a short cut driving up the breakdown lane. An entrance ramp was immediately ahead. Too late he saw the car getting on, and to avoid that crash moved left back onto the highway. But there was already a truck in that spot. That truck braked hard just as the truck in front of him braked to let the oncoming car onto the highway. All three vehicles crashed and skidded sideways towards us. There were trucks to our left, and in front. Chaos ensued as all of the trucks surrounding us swerved in and out to avoid collisions. Several more to our left hit one another. Things were happening too fast to follow with trucks crashing and jackknifing and skidding into one another. It was frightening. Thanks to my friend’s good driving, fast reflexes, and the energy balloon we were able to pass through the middle of this truck pile-up unscathed. It was exactly as if there was a force field of protection around us as we swerved and dodged through the mess like a football player headed for the goal. It seemed to me that we were the only vehicle on the road to escape.

So you can see just how this valuable protection tool has worked in MY life. I use it all the time.

Here’s how to do it:

First, surround yourself with white light.

Now, focus on the pool of light beneath your feet and breathe it up through your body to your crown. As you breathe the white light up inside you filling your body with it spin it towards your left, counter clockwise creating a small white tornado inside you.

Next, gather all that light in your head, at your crown, and then open a trap door on the top of your head. Turn the light blue as you fountain it out the top of your head breathing out and spinning it toward your right to surround you and your car and passengers. When it gets to your feet again curl it around back into yourself turning it white again. Since you are coordinating this visualization with your breath you can eventually get very fast at drawing this protection to you.

Do the above steps two more times so you have protected on all three levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you had any difficulty following these directions you can find this exercise in my Anastasi System of Psychic Development Level 1 book available on my website or my author page on

There are many other uses for this protection as well, as I am sure you will discover.

Safe Travels!




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