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Psychic Protection Tip #48 – Using Color to Draw or Repel Energy

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Psychic Protection Tip #48 – Tools for Psychic Protection Tip #4
Using Color to Draw or Repel Energy

In my last psychic protection tip I talked about using crystals for psychic protection. I told you a crystal’s color affects the way you can best use it and promised that in my next tip, this one, I’d give you some insights about how you can use color for psychic protection, and in fact, to either draw to you or repel energy from you with ease. That’s right. You can just use color. It doesn’t need to be a crystal – although it can be. But by the time you get done listening to or reading this psychic protection tip, you will be a lot more aware of what color you are dressing in each morning!

Before I get into the colors themselves it’s important for you to understand a scientific/medical fact. When you see an object that is a certain color, it means the color you are seeing is the only color in the visible spectrum that object is reflecting back at you – it is absorbing all the others!

So when I wear a red shirt, for example, I am reflecting red back at the world. I am absorbing the other colors into my shirt. I will attract what I am projecting.

Let’s continue using red as an example. Red is the highest energy color. It can also be very sexual. In the wrong circumstances it can promote anger. When I wear that red shirt, I am reflecting people’s high energy or sexual interest or in those wrong circumstances, anger, back at them. Knowing that, if I am going into a business meeting where there has been a lot of discord, I am certainly going to stay away from wearing red, which will only increase the tension. But in a more congenial meeting, if I want to claim a position of dominance, red would be a good color to wear. Likewise if I am on a date with someone I am interested in moving forward with, I would wear something red. If I am dealing with a psychic vampire red will repel them as it’s actually reflecting their own lack of energy back at them! This is a high energy color for you to wear as it will repel ‘dumpers’ as well!

I think you’re getting it!

Here are what some of the other major colors will draw to you or repel from you –

White is purity, spirituality and honesty. It will draw people to you who are drawn to those qualities, and repel people who are looking for something or someone more cagey or down to earth.

Black is the only color that absorbs every other color in the spectrum and gives nothing back. It is a great color for psychic protection as anyone interested in dumping energy on you will merely find their own energy drained away, and a vampire is not able to drain energy through a color that absorbs everything. So much for wearing basic black at a funeral – it’s great protection from the other mourner’s!

Grey – a middle of the road color that allows you to drift into the background.

Brown – another middle of the road color, but one that confers earthiness, and a responsible attitude and character.

Orange – a high energy and highly and intuitive color that will attract those kinds of people and things to you.

Yellow – a very high energy intellectual and social color, good for the digestion as well. Great for wearing to social gatherings or in any other situation where you want to promote quick mental thinking and strong social interaction.

Green – a color that is great for gardeners and healers. It will attract those types of people and experiences to you.

Pink – attracts loving and nurturing people and situations, and repels harsh or inconsiderate people. A special note – prisons sometimes use ‘pink rooms’ to put aggressive or uncontrollable inmates in. Initially they become calm almost immediately. But if they are left there too long, all that calm nurturance backfires and their anger erupts exponentially!

Blue – a highly protective color that generates calm centeredness.

Indigo – also a very protective color, it has a higher energy component than blue, and attracts the protection of your Guides. It will also attract highly intuitive and psychic people to you – in either a good way or a bad way!

Violet – a color that helps you stay in touch with your Higher Self and your higher awareness. It will attract people to you who are spiritual, centered, goal oriented, and highly focused.

Gold – creates a strong energy of wealth and abundance in every way. It is a solar color.

Silver – like gold, it projects wealth and abundance, but in a softer more gentle way. It is a lunar color.

I encourage you to have fun and experiment with color and how it affects what you attract into your life!

What color will you paint your walls, put into your furniture, your clothes, or your car? What colors will you put around your home’s entrance way? Be creative and become more conscious of what and who you are drawing to you!

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