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Psychic Protection Tip #50 or Sleep Protection Tip #2:

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Sandy’s Psychic Protection Tip #50

or Sleep Protection Tip #2:



  This simple Sleep Protection Tip involves the use of a crystal that you can ‘program’ to wake you up under certain circumstances.   I call it your ‘Wake-Up’ crystal.

A properly programmed stone or crystal can be used to wake you up which is the most powerful sleep and dream protection you can have.  In it’s simplest use you can use it like you would use an alarm clock.  It can wake you after a 10 minute ‘power nap’.  If you need to use the bathroom, it can wake you.  But it can be a powerful protection tool as well.  For example if you are having a bad dream the crystal can wake you from it.  If you are being bothered by the dreams or worried thoughts of another person, preventing you from having a decent night’s sleep, it can wake you.  If you are psychically attacked in your sleep it can wake you. When you pass from the sleeping state to the waking one you break the link to anything negative you may have encountered while asleep.

 Here’s how to program or ‘charge’ a crystal to wake you up:

 First, select a stone or crystal that you feel drawn to when you hold your purpose in your mind. If you are choosing based on color choose from a hematite that also acts as a mirror, reflecting negativity away from you, or any blue or black stone. Blue acts like a protective shield and black absorbs and grounds negativity away from you.  But honestly any stone or crystal can be programmed to be your wake up stone.  If in doubt always select a clear quartz which is easily programmed for any purpose.

 Once your stone is selected clear it by sprinkling it wit salt, then running it under water.  Hold your wake up crystal in your right, sending hand, and mentally see and also feel yourself in any of the circumstances you want protection from in your sleep.  Then immediately see yourself  waking from a deep sleep.  Blow gently on the crystal and form the words, “wake me up if this situation I am projecting occurs in my sleep”.  Repeat that as often as you need, adding the “wake up calls” just like you would with a real- world alarm clock.  In this way you are linking your subconscious mind and the crystal.

 When you are done programming your crystal you only need to put it under your pillow or on the table next to your bed for it to do it’s job. One of my students successfully taught her nine year old son how to program his  ‘wake up crystal’ and successfully ended a bed wetting problem and the bullying that went with it!

Don’t forget that on or around the solstices and equinoxes you should reprogram your ‘wake up crystal’, to refresh it as the initial mind projection you employed will be gradually wearing off.







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