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Psychic Protection Tip #51/Wealth Protection Tip #1

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #51 – Wealth Protection Tip #1

frogPsychic Protection Tip #51/Wealth Protection Tip #1 is the beginning of a new series of psychic protection tips that will help you to guard, sustain, draw, and preserve your wealth, in all its forms.

I said in all its forms since wealth can be both tangible and intangible. You can be wealthy in your family, friends, and loved ones, in your health and longevity, as well as in your finances and your material assets and in the work that you do. Of course, everyone’s aim is to be wealthy in all of these life areas.

In this tip I am going to give you a start on how to attract more wealth into your life. This tip primarily addresses financial, material wealth, but it certainly has a bearing on all of the other wealth areas as well. It will also introduce a very basic Feng Shui concept. (The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui involves specific placement of things to connect or disconnect energy patterns in your environment).

The concept I am referring to is that the south-east is the wealth area of your home. So, if you have a smart phone, take it out, or get an old-fashioned compass, and use it to locate the south-east area (wall or corner) of your home.
Next, put a wealth drawing object in or as close to that area as you can. If you’ve been following my tips for a while, you’ve found in my tips about color, that green is the color of wealth so a green object would work. (See my Psychic Protection Tip #47/Tools for Psychic Protection Tip #3 re color) You’ve also found in my earlier tips many that tell how to energetically charge an object. (For an example see Psychic Protection Tip #46/Tools for Psychic Protection Tip #2) Applying one or more of those techniques to charge your object will help to give it more impact.

You can also use animal symbolism, as the ancient Chinese did. For example, in the wealth corner of my home I have a small wooden frog holding a green coin in its mouth. Green symbolizes growth, wealth, health and abundance, and wood is for new beginnings, family, and physical wealth in Feng Shui. The frog is a symbol of wealth and abundance in many cultures and traditions as it is associated with water, which causes everything to grow and flourish. I am reminded of that particular association every spring when frogs often breed in such quantities where I live that it is sometimes difficult to avoid running over a tiny one as they hop in virtual clouds across the roadways after it rains.

So in summary, choose your wealth object. It might be a frog, a coin, a wood statue of some sort, even a picture or green object such as a tree or even a living stand of bamboo or other favorite plant of your own. I personally love crystals and have many wealth stones and crystals in my south-east wealth area. Take a moment to charge your object, holding it in your right hand as you visualize the wealth you want flowing into your life, breathing the breath of life on it as you do that…and then place your wealth-drawing object in the south-east wealth area of your home facing into your home, and enjoy the benefit of taking a first big step towards drawing wealth into your life.

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