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Psychic Protection Tip #53/Sleep Protection Tip #3

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #53/Sleep Protection Tip #3

This psychic protection tip will help many of you reading it to sleep much, much better than you have in years!

Sleep is SO important! We actually spend a third or more of our lives asleep, and studies have found that getting enough quality sleep is important to your physical health, your mental acuity, your emotional state – even to weight loss! Frankly, you cannot successfully do anything in your life if you are sleep deprived, and it seems most people in our society today are. You may have to correct some problematical unhealthy sleep habits you’ve formed, like going to bed too late at night to get a full night’s sleep, or waiting to go to sleep until you are overtired, or eating a big meal just before going to sleep. Frankly, those problems are relatively easy to address as they involve you doing the work to resolve them on yourself.

The bigger interference with our sleep generally comes from other people that we connect with or bring into our sleeping mind with us. We cannot and honestly should not try to control them and what their mind is doing while it sleeps. What we should do, is disconnect from them before going to sleep.

If you have been following my psychic protection tips for a while, you’ve already learned a LOT about how to disconnect from other people before you sleep, so that their daily grind that they carry into sleep doesn’t draw your sleeping mind into uncomfortable chaos. My past tips cover relaxation before sleep, using a worry box to lock your own cares away, charging a crystal to aid sleep and wake you up if you feel invaded while you sleep, and more.

And many of you reading this are already employing all of those tools and yet still have difficulty achieving a relaxing full night’s sleep. Are you wondering why, and what you might do about it?

Well, many of us, especially those of us who are fixers and healers, actually reach out ourselves to others as we sleep, wanting to help and nurture them. Some of us even astral travel out of our body’s to go and be with the other dreamer we sense is having a difficult time. In these cases, my friends, we are totally doing it to ourselves yet again!

So what do you do about that? The solution is a simple one. Sprinkle a clockwise circle of salt around your bed (that’s towards your right) starting at the head of the bed. That salt circle actually does two things. It blocks other dreamers or astral traveler’s out of your space; more importantly, if you are one of those people given to wandering into other’s dreams – it keeps you in! Give it a try. It just might be the tip you need to get a great night’s sleep!




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