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Psychic Protection Tip #59 – Take Your Temperature!

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Psychic Protection Tip #59 – Take Your Temperature!



This psychic protection tip is perhaps the most important one that you will ever learn.  I’ve been teaching it to my psychic development students for almost 40 years, and without learning it and using it none of my students would ever have become the great psychics and mediums that they are.  But it’s important for everyone to know and use.  It will aid psychic ability, but it is not exclusively for psychics.  It’s for everyone.

By utilizing this simple tool in your own life, you can easily avoid potentially bad or even dangerous situations, make healthy life choices, even improve your relationships. 

And those of you interested in expanding your own psychic development and your own Higher Self connection will find this tool an invaluable aid.

It’s simple really.  The hard parts are remembering to do it, and honoring yourself.

Here’s how it goes.  You start paying attention to your feelings.  That includes your impulses, your senses, your urges, your physical, mental, and emotional sense of ease or discomfort; it does not necessarily include your emotions, although for some of you that is where you must start.

So your aim is to be fully in touch with yourself, with your own feelings at all times. So if I were to ask you right now, how you feel as you receive this information, without thought you’d be able to answer me that it makes you feel comforted, or confused, or excited or repulsed, or good or bad.

Whatever you are feeling is ok. The important thing is you feel it, and you know what you are feeling.

Once you are able to be in touch with your feelings, you must honor them.  No matter how much you like a person, if what they are asking you to do or say makes you feel uncomfortable, you don’t do it.  No matter how much you think your family or your income or your relationship is dependent upon a certain action you must take, if you feel in any way uncomfortable with doing it, you must not.  You need to step away, or find a way of carrying out the action that feels good to you.  That is honoring yourself.

This is all very simple in concept, but initially it’s difficult to apply in your life because you, like most people in today’s world, have probably been trained to ignore your feelings and to put yourself at risk over and over again.  You’ve heard the term used in athletics – “no pain, no gain?” 

You’ve heard coaches tell you that you only grow by pushing through the wall of your own resistance? You may even have been trained to put politeness over common sense when dealing with others.   Well those concepts may apply in very specific areas, like building muscle or overcoming mental or emotional blocks created by trauma or conditioning, or in certain social situations.  But when we apply those concepts to our daily life activities, especially activities that affect our life choices, they make us shut out our feelings and our inner voice that guides us in the right direction for ourselves, every time.  That is the voice of your feeling nature and when we shut it out we turn down a path that cannot be right for us even if it suits someone else.  Those of you who are emotionally driven need to learn that your very emotions are a gauge of your feelings.  If you were feeling happy and all of a sudden in response to someone’s comment you feel anger or fear or hurt – instead of reacting to the emotion, listen to it.  It is telling you to step back.  Whatever is being discussed is not for you.

Please start to listen to your feelings now.  Begin to live a better life right now.  This tip can and will change your life for the better.  Learn to “take your temperature’ frequently throughout the day, and certainly before you step forward into any new endeavor or agree to any new activity in your life.


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