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Psychic Protection Tip #61 – OM NAH MA SHIVA

Posted on May 16, 2018 in Newsletter | 0 comments

Psychic Protection Tip #61 – OM NAH MA SHIVA

     This is one of my very favorite psychic protection tips because it requires no tools except your voice to completely ground, clear and transform any negative vibration you experience, whether it is your state of mind, a depressing or fearful emotional state, an unpleasant memory or experience, or even a childhood or other trauma.  And it is fun and feels really good to do.

      I’m going to lead you through my OM NAH MA SHIVA chant that I teach my students in just a moment – but first I want to give you a little bit of background about it.  Understanding what the words mean will help you to better understand why the chant works.

     Many people associate Shiva with the Jewish “sitting Shiva” which is a formal mourning for the dead.  As I understand it, the basic idea behind “sitting Shiva” is that the family and friends of the deceased gather and discuss their feelings about their lost loved one and over time the pain lessons and is released through this sharing.  That’s interesting, because in Sanskrit  Shiva actually means “that which is not” – so through that experience of letting go you can see the close correlation  of what the  word Shiva means even when used by entirely different cultures.

In Hinduism Lord Shiva is the God that is believed to be both the creator and the destroyer of the universe.  It is said that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing.  Shiva is thought of as the empty space containing the potential for form.  The world of form originates from it and eventually returns to it.  It’s pretty amazing how closely this concept mirrors the ‘Big Bang’ theory of the origins of the cosmos.  It also fits right in with the basic tenets of “The Law of Attraction” which states that whatever you think, good or bad, is what you attract.  So to get rid of something, you have to stop thinking about it.   Period!  I just love how all these concepts flow together into one cohesive whole.

     OM or AUM as it is sometimes spelled, is another Sanskrit word that contains all other sounds within it.  Incidentally, Sanskrit is the only remaining so-called ‘True’ language – a language where the vibration spoken is actually the thing.  The word OM combines waking consciousness, the dream state, and deep sleep in one word or symbol.  It is one of the most sacred sounds in Hinduism. 

     NA means death, change, and transformation of consciousness, and MA means a rebirth, a regeneration or resurrection.  It is to consciously experience the infinite.

     So when we say these words, SHIVA OM NA MA, we are altering our mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical state.  We are changing our very vibration. We are releasing whatever state we were in and merging ourselves with Universal Consciousness.

     Needless to say, this is an amazing way to release what’s bothering you and get yourself back on track.

     If you look it up, you will find many variations of this chant.  The one I am sharing is one I learned myself so many years ago I can’t remember where, but it very effective.  I recommend you sing it or say it to yourself often,  especially until you have fully cleared all negativity from your vibration. 

When I went through a divorce years ago I sang this about 10 times a day, repeating it at least 3 times each time I sang it, and I did that every day for weeks.  One day the pain lifted, my mind and heart were clear.  I was reborn.  It not only healed me, it allowed me to move forward in a healthy way, and look back on my past relationship with joy in my heart, not loss.  That new vibration even spilled over to help all the others in my life.

     Here it is:

     “Om NA MA SHIVA”


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