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Psychic Protection Tip #63 – How to Protect Your New Beginnings

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 in Newsletter | 1 comment

Psychic Protection Tip #63 – How to Protect Your New Beginnings

Many people don’t even realize it when they start out in a new relationship, a new job, a new family, or even a new home, that they are sandbagging their new start by carrying their past into their future.

You see, even if you employ all of my psychic protection tips to ensure that the life you are creating now is fully protected, if you have brought old baggage that is self-destructive into that wonderful new world it’s like you’ve brought a Trojan Horse right through your protections and it’s only a matter of time before your that worm devours your apple and you end up in the exact situation you thought you were leaving, all over again.

So all new beginnings should be taken in two steps energetically.  The first step is to visualize and cut the psychic chords to the past person, home, job, family, place, or whatever it is you are leaving.  If the past situation was protected, remove those protections before you leave.  Often as soon as you cut the chord, a new one reaches back to you because those old ties are so strong.  Simply cut it again.  And again.  Cut it as many times as you need to until thoughts of that old person or thing don’t even enter your mind anymore.  You can also set an imaginary mirror between your new life and the old, facing the old, reflecting it back on itself. 

The important thing is to CUT THOSE CHORDS.   

Only when those old chords are thoroughly cut should you move on to protect your new relationship, child, family, job, car, home, etc.  Start that protection by creating a good, solid foundation.  Think of tree roots.  Or mentally building the foundation of a house, setting each block or root in place, starting in the East and moving in a clockwise direction in a circular pattern going round and round until the foundation is built.  You may also visualize yourself in the space or doing the thing you want to create safety for and imagine strong cables coming out of the bottoms of your feet and anchoring you deep into the earth.    

Finally, visualize the person or thing you are newly creating in your life and set a flexible transparent protective barrier around it that will allow for growth and change and future mobility but will act with strength and resiliency when needed.  Again, start in the East, and move clockwise in a circular pattern until you feel the protection is complete.

By doing visualizing these simple things you are directing the energy of form with your mind and you will find all the new beginnings you create in your life happen more quickly, cleanly, successfully and happily.

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  1. Diana Gilbert

    I’ve had SO MANY people from my past come before me in recent months (in person, in dreams, in flashes). I have taken these opportunities to say hello, give hugs and love and to say thank you and good bye. I feel like a snake shedding its skin, revealing the new me. I am loving this upgraded ME. And, I find that I have more compassion for those whom I choose to move forward with. Chords cut. Heart open. Bringing Heaven to Earth.


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